Saturday, November 20, 2010

* Giveaway: Creativity For Kids Kits

Another "I'm Thankful For My Readers" 
review and giveaway... 
I'm giving away 2 Creativity for Kids kitsto 2 of my readers!

I was recently contacted to do a review and giveaway
of these two fun Creativity for Kids Craft Kits, 

Spend some quality time with my girls
making fun little girly crafts? Umm...okay!

Here's what we got...

DIVA PUPPIES: Everything you need to paint & style 
a trio of adorable bobble-head puppies.  
Just add imagination…

Pamper 3 pooches with paint, sequins, flowers, ribbons, 
heart charm collars, fur, boas and tutus.

Time for a nap? Each puppy has a soft furry bed to curl up on.

Each bobble-head pup measures 5" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", 
all packaged in an adorable doghouse style box.

Everything is included!  

3 bobble head puppies, 3 fluffy puppy beds, 
acrylic paint, glitter glue, craft glue, leopard print fabric, 
sequin flower bow, sequin flower, paint brush, sequin trim, 
2 tulle flowers , feather boa, tulle skirt, 
3 heart stickers, 3 heart charms

Age Range : 6 and up 

"C" (age 3) concentrating while painting her puppy.
She used my acrylic craft paint
because we had "better colors." 
(pink, lime green, and lavender -- naturally occurring Diva-dog colors!)

The bobble head doggies come apart
which makes it easier to decorate them. 
"E" used a small paintbrush and black craft paint
(but my sharpie was laying nearby!)

"E" carefully painting "Dotty's" Spots.

My decapitated puppy...
I used Sharpies to decorate mine.
"E" said it looked like the owner of a tattoo shop's dog!

"E"s puppy,"Dotty"

"C"s Diva Puppy, "Lilly"

My finished "Diva Puppy"...
I call it "Perro de los Muertos"!

E also made her own storybook 
about a Tooth Fairy who looses a tooth.

Everything you need to 
create and decorate your own fairy tale
 with Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook!  Just add imagination…

Adorable castle-shaped, hard-cover book comes ready to decorate
 with markers, glitter stickers, color-in stickers and rhinestones.

Create your story on the lined pages 
then use the blank pages for your illustrations

Open the drawbridge door and 
personalize the story with your name – 
add your picture to the tower window, too!

Everything is included! 
10-Page Hardcover Blank Book: 10.75 in x 8 in
 Self-Adhesive Rhinestones ,
 3 Sticker Sheets: Glitter, Color-In & Full Color , 
9 Mini Markers , Instructions and Ideas
Age Range: 5 and up 

"E" loved decorating the cover with the vine stickers
and the stick-on gems. 

I really liked the way the instructions 
walked her through the elements of a story
(who, what, when, where, why, how)
and how to outline, brainstorm 
her plot before writing it all down in the book.  

Two winners from my site will receive:
Diva Puppies and 
Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook 
Activity Kits! 

To enter this giveaway:
(make sure I can reach you via email!)

Visit the Creativity for Kids Website and tell me 
what other product you would love to do with your kids!

For an Additional Entry:
and become a fan, leave a comment letting me know you did this!
(If you're already a fan, let me know too)

For Another Entry:
and come back to leave a comment here.

Contest ends Friday November 26th, 2010
at 10pm EST.

I will contact winners via email. 
Giveaway is open to people living in the United States only. 

Comments are now closed. 

pink and green mama, MaryLea


Ellen Stumbo said...

This could be perfect for Christmas!
We went to the site and we liked the butterfly mobile as well, however, the favorites are the notebooks since my oldest daughter is really into having her own journals.
ellenpdazo at hotmail dot com

Jackie said...

I would get the "Make Your Own Train" my g'son would love this.

Jackie said...

I am know a fan.

Jackie said...

I watched the video...too cute.

AshHadAns said...

These are so cute! My girls would flip over the Make Your Own Lip Balm one. I keep finding chapsticks and lip gloss sticks in their pockets AFTER I wash them.

Amanda said...

Oh I love the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden! My daughter would go gaga for it!

Amanda said...

I also became a fan of Creativity for Kids on Facebook

Michelle said...

Entchanted fairy garden :)

Michelle said...

Liked Creativity for Kids on FB

Michelle said...

Just watched the video. :) It's totally neat craft! :)))

natalie said...

After visting the site, I love the mini tea set! Cute!

natalie said...

Watched the video..my girl would love to add all those accessories!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I like the SuperHeroes activity book. You can make your own mask and costume!

Gosfam said...

I like the My First Scissors Kit.

mattles22 at yahoo dot com

Gosfam said...

I am a Fan of Creativity for Kids

Gosfam said...

I watched the video and I love that they show all the stuff up close, and such cute heart charms

Sofia's Ideas said...

I would love the Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse for my daughters!

sofias (dot) ideas (at) gmail (dot) com

Emily and Miked said...

Hey MaryLea. So K saw me looking at this post and she now has a new favorite blog :) We went to the site and she is now adding the Mini Flower Press and Nature Card kit and the Make your Own Lip Balm to the list.

Love your puppy by the way!


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

My puppy crazed 9 year old would LOVE this! We're big fans of CFK products and love their shrinky-dink sets and mosaic sets.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I am also a fan on FB.

Patricia L said...

oooh, there are so many things to choose from. I know my boys would flip for the Monster Truck Custom Shop. I think the Pop up book kit would be a hit with all the kiddos.

Patricia L said...

Watched the video. Some of those puppies had bedazzled eyelashes!

Ananda said...

This is just GREAT. I would love to do this with my son. He loves creating - hes going to be an artist I am always FLOORED by the things he makes with tape and the leftover cereal boxes, junk mail and stuff laying around the house. He likes rather girly things too... sparkel and glitter is his fave

I think I would have a great time doing the ceramic pet dish with him too.... and our pets would like it as well!

Ananda said...

The video makes me want to win even more. I love them! How fun!

Tara said...

My dd would live the Petite Sweet Soaps.

Tara said...

I'm a facebook fan.

Tara said...

I watched the video. Too cute!

Holly Days Closet said...

I really like the Mini Tea Set
We love to have tea and cookies

Kristi said...

Im a FB fan

Kristi said...

I think we would get the design by you...and maybe the storybook set

Kristi said...

I watched the video!!! My girls would like them!!

shannon said...

My daughter loves anything fairy. She choose the Entchanted fairy garden as her favorite.

shannon said...

Watched the video, my daughter loved it

welcome to our wonderland said...

my girls would love the fashion headbands

welcome to our wonderland said...

liked them on facebook

welcome to our wonderland said...

watched video my girls love the outfits you can make them

Anne said...

I'd love to make the Bitty Blossom Bobble Dolls AND the Petite Sweet Soaps with my girls. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sharon said...

We just got our girls a baby chameleon....the "Ecology & Me Colring & Artivity Book" would be perfect! (hmmmm.....Christmas gift?!)


Sharon said...

I "like" Creativity for Kids on FB!


That's Ms. Amy to You said...

My girl would LOVE the Bobble dolls & the Shrinky dinks! Great stuff, I will have to look out for these kits!

Staci said...

We'd love to do the Beach Buddies Shell Crafts too!
mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

Staci said...

I liked them on FB too. Thanks!
mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

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