Monday, November 15, 2010

Mod-Podge and Glass Dried Leaf Lanterns

'Tis the Season for Pressed 
Leaf Lanterns! 

 I've seen these lanterns all over 
the bloggy-sphere lately!

I thought I would share more photos 
and details of our leaf lantern making project
from my 35th Birthday 
Crafty Brunch 
Rainbow Party. 

We collected leaves ahead of time and 
pressed them/dried them in phone books
for several days. 

The thinner, skinnier leaves 
seemed to work the best 
on the glass vases. 

I picked up the glass vases at Walmart
in the craft department but you can also 
find them at the Dollar Tree 
or rummage in your own cabinets for old
flower vases. 

I love this craft because 
can do it!

(Warning: If you're wearing your wedding rings 
while crafting be careful not to get 
any Mod-Podge in the stones!) 

 Coat the OUTside of the glass
container with a generous layer
of Mod-Podge
then carefully press dried leaves/flowers
into the goo...

Carefully paint another layer (or 2 or 3)
on top of the leaf/flower to 
seal it to the outside of the vase. 

"E" made this vase for her desk
with dried flowers 
we saved from the spring/summer.

 Warm candlelight glowing 
on a chilly fall evening -- 
a perfect combination. 

pink and green mama,


Miko's Girl said...

LOVE this! A neighbor's 4 year old has been collecting leaves on the walk to the bus stop. It has brought up conversations with the mom about things to do with them. I will definitely share this idea with her.

Kristin said...

I love this project idea. Those turned out beautifully. We are so collecting leaves after school today! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

Amy said...

I love this idea. This maybe the godparent's Christmas gift from the kids with the kids helping mom make them.

Tia Verinha said...

Uma ideia fantástica! É sempre um prazer passar por aqui. Obrigada por partilhar.
Beijinho e milsorrisoscoloridos de Portugal

twolittleseeds said...

Hi MaryLea, Thanks for the link to the gnome hammock. I put it on my Etsy wishlist!
Its sooo cute! x


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