Wednesday, December 29, 2010

* Coffee Filters and Watercolors Snowflake Art

Remember this little guy from my favorite things post last week?

The girls and I have been having fun with coffee filters all week. 
I bought a package at the grocery store specifically for craft-usage.

We don't use this kind in our coffee maker-
we having boring brown #4 cone shaped filters
that aren't really good for much when it comes to crafting. 

(They are, however, great for composting in our kitchen vermicomposter!)

"E" decided to make a color wheel with hers.
She said the window in my art studio, over my sewing machine,
is/was boring and needed some color. 

She cut out the center of the filter,
then, carefully drew black lines with a marker
to divide each section. Then, she carefully painted
this little spectrum/color wheel. 

I love it and it looks great with the sunlight streaming through it. 
I love that she came up with the project completely on her own!

We also cut out snow flakes,
laid them on newspapers,
and carefully painted them with watercolor. 

I like cutting them out first, 
because the watercolor paint flattens them out
and stiffens them up a bit.  

They display really beautifully 
on windows, mirrors, and bulletin boards
when they're dry. 

My new view from my sewing machine --
Thanks "E"!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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lady said...

Tumblebug's teacher sprayed coffee filters with water and then gave them little bottles filled with food coloring or paint to drip on the wet filters. She sprayed them again the color soaked into another piece of paper. Then she cut them into snowflakes. Since the kids are a year and a half (mine) and two years (3 others) she did two kids at a time and limited their colors. They are so pretty.

I wonder if just using the primary colors and water if you could make a "real" color wheel?

Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

This sounds like a lovely idea for today. Thanks again, Karen

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


Yes I think you could make a "real" color wheel.
Similar to the activity we did in this post with paper towels but just substitute the coffee filters -- we have a coffee filter water-coloring snowflake playdate planned with Grammy today --- might have to try out some color wheels too!!

Here's the link:

Pink and Green Mama,

Teacher Tom said...

I have a couple packages of these Mr. Coffee-style filters in my storage room at school. I guess our winter-themed art projects are behind us yet.


brookie said...

These are so pretty and colorful. Can't wait to try them.

Amie Plumley said...

I was actually experimenting with something similar this morning. Can't wait to do this in class next week!

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