Sunday, December 5, 2010

* Homemade DIY Christmas Tree Advent Quilt

I've been wanting to make a wall-hanging
Advent Quilt like this for a few years now.
I've seen similar ones at places like Pottery Barn and various stores over the years. 
I finished it on the third day of December but we can catch up, right?! 

I wanted it to be colorful, whimsical, and handmade. 
Something that would be fun to make
and that the girls would be able to
enjoy and create memories with for years to come.

I had the felt and buttons in my stash.
The turquoise fabric (1/2 yard) and one package of 
red quilter's binding/bias tape are goodies I picked up at Walmart.

The backing was made from a funny little green polar fleece baby blanket that was
taking up space and not being used by anyone in our house 
except the cats lurking in our linen closet!

I used a combination of machine stitching and hand stitching with embroidery thread --
mostly just to get'er done more than for an aesthetic reason!

Note: Learn from my mistake:

I learned that if you use fabric glue to attach the numbers and little outside 
felt squares to the bigger felt square pockets --
DON'T pin them right away with your straight pins to the quilt. 
I glued my pins inside each pocket and had to use pliers 
(and my hubby's brute strength) to remove several of the pins!!

I actually had this little dowel rod and finials in my crazy art supply stash.
I painted them with acrylic craft paint!
Each pocket contains a little miniature ornament to hang on the tree's buttons
with a gold star pin on the 25th to top the tree. 

Happy Homemade Holidays!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea


Sharon said...

It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Now where are your step-by-step detailed oriented instructions? :) Every Christmas I think, "I want to make my own advent calendar" but I get too busy at Christmas. Maybe I can start making one for next Christmas. You've inspired me yet again!

Louisa said...

I love it! What a fun collection of buttons you used! I love that it makes the tree look already decorated. I think it is really neat that the buttons go around the perimeter of the hanging rather than all at the bottom. Love it!

willow and moo said...

Love it! It's so cheerful and colourful.

Mama King said...

How satisfying to see your vision complete! It looks beautiful. The kids will be "fighting" for it when they are grown with kids of their own.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

LOL Katie!! I had the same thought and wondered if I should make two of them and put one away but I just don't think I have it in me right now to sew another one!! ; ) Was also thinking, I'll need to make two felt Happy Birthday Banners, etc!

: ) MaryLea

Kylie said...

Gorgeous. I love the simplicity of this type of advent calendar and we go away for Christmas every other year so we need something we can easily take with us. :-)

thins said...

This is so nice! ^ ^

Anne said...

WOW . . . that is stunning!

Beautiful work!

Dawn S. said...

Love it! Maybe I will have to do this...

Rockabye Butterfly said...

GREAT work!! That is beautiful! That inspires me for next year's Advent! :))

<3 Rockabye Butterfly


Shelley Haganman said...

What a beautiful project!

Amy Meyer said...

Very cute! I love the colors and the fact that the numbers go all the way around! Great job!

Seamingly Sarah said...

I keep telling myself I want to make an advent calendar too. Good thing I bought another paper one last year during the after Christmas sale. I told myself it was just for "in case." In case has happened again this year. Maybe next year! But I love your idea of decorating the tree each day as the advent activity. I've been preoccupied with coming up with a calendar that has a different activity each day and have been worrying about the advanced planning that may require. This is much easier and laid back!

Coco said...

so cute, really lovely advent calender!

Susannah said...

I made one very similar to this a couple of years ago. My DD loves hanging the little ornaments on the buttons every day.

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