Sunday, December 26, 2010

* Homemade Gift: Wood-burning Kid Illustrated Art Keepsake Boxes


 So I couldn't post this project until after Christmas
because I didn't want Grandma's to see their gifts early.
But it's also my favorite Christmas gift we made this year
and it has been REALLY hard to not share it with you all!

I have complete directions on how to make these
wooden keepsake boxes in my Homemade Gifts From the HeART 
lesson plan PDF booklet

But here's a quickie version.

Start with some cute wooden boxes from the craft store
and some favorite drawings by your extremely talented
resident artists (your kids!) 

Transfer the drawings to the wooden boxes with tracing paper,
then use your wood-burning tool to trace over the whole drawing.

Try not to pass out from the fumes!

Don't forget to add their names (in their own handwriting)
to the project. My girls signed and dated the boxes on the bottom. 

Now for the tricky part, carefully watercolor your design/drawing. 

The wood bleeds easily.
You don't need a lot of water. 
I like nicer watercolors better (like my Yarka watercolors)
Use a tiny brush.
Some sap may come to the surface from the woodburning process-
creating a bit of a "resist" effect on the wood == frustrating!
Have facial tissues or coffee filters handy to soak up excess 
watercolor blobs and mistakes!

Close ups of the sides of the girls' Christmas box.
Both girls worked on the picture together, doing different parts. 
It really was a joint project. 

Because I copied the original drawing onto the boxes,
I was able to make two identical boxes for both sets of Grandparents.

"E" is making the snail box to keep her fossil collection in. 

You can seal the box with beeswax or clear acrylic spray,
I left ours plain. 

Happy Wood-burning! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

Katie's Nesting Spot


H.R.H. The Queen Bee said...

What an AMAZING project!! The girls did an awesome job and I bet there were a couple of beaming grandmas when they received these gifts.

I'd vote this as one of your best projects ever. BRAVO!! :)


April said...

What a cute idea! Curious: what is the quote/ saying on the last picture? Use it up, wear it out, or do without? What was the part that was cut out?

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


Good eyes!! The "Use it Up" sign was something I made for my own inspiration board for the new year. My husband and I are doing a "no spend" month for the month of January to recover from Christmas and start the new year out with a bit of a financial cleanse. : )

(pink and green mama)

Christina said...

Cute project! I love that quote! Helps keep spending in perspective. So it's "Use it up, wear it out, ?? do, or do without. What's that other part? I think I'll have to post it in my craft area too! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I just love these! The bright colors and whimsical drawings capture forever in wood burning are just wonderful! Thank you for sharing at A Crafty Soiree and for linking back. I am going to feature these on Thursday!

erin said...

I think I need to make this with my little one. These turned out beautiful. :-)

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