Thursday, December 2, 2010

* Mod-Podge and Decorative Napkin Votive Lanterns

As a variation on a theme to our Mod-Podge Pressed Leaf Lanterns,
the girls and I made these Decorative Napkin Mod-Podge Lanterns. 

"C" made this beautiful little flower and butterfly lantern. 

First we cut up  decorative paper napkins with flower and butterfly designs
(you could use any kind of napkin to match your theme/decor).

Most of these napkins, (and paper finger tip towels) have three layers of paper -- 
you will want to separate them down to the 
last (thinnest) top layer and recycle/discard the rest. 

She coated the outside of her glass bowl with a thick layer of Mod-Podge
(applied with a foam craft brush)

We added a few "real" pressed flowers and leaves 
to add more color and texture

(and... because her sister was using real leaves/flowers so she wanted to too!) 

After the Mod-Podge is completely dry, add a real votive 
(or battery operated votive) and enjoy your beautiful lantern. 

These would make beautiful Homemade Holiday Gifts! 

In fact, you can find this project (and many more) 
in my newest craft lesson e-book, 
"Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make From The heART"

pink and green mama


Cheryl said...

How clever to use a paper napkin. I like this idea and it may just appeal to the girls to make as Christmas presents.

Thank you for sharing the idea.

Olives and Pickles said...

way cool!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

STUNNING! I love them Mary-Lea! Omgosh. Will have to make one for my mom this year. :)



PS Sorry I have been so absent lately. Things have been nuts over here. <3 <3 <3 <3

EntertainingMom said...

brilliant! spectacular! LOVE!

Phyl said...

So simple and they look awesome! I have to try this!!

MommaMindy said...

Whenever I see one of your creations, I am always thinking, "I never would have thought of that." I wanted to do this project with my daughter with tissue paper, but the napkins are MUCH prettier. Thanks for sharing your creativity with those of us that are gifted copycats. :)

Amy said...

I am loving my Modge Podge right now. My little ones are helping to make ornaments for their godparents and I am painting the modge podge and they are sticking tissue paper on the ornament and stickers and I am writing Mery Christmas 2010 Love (kid's name). Your idea may be perfect for their grandparent's x-mas gift. Thank you!


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