Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cardboard Box Cat Fort

I started to call this post, 
"The Cat Box"
and then I realized it sounds like 
I'm writing a post about a litter box! 

The girls call our big box fort,
"The Cat Box" or "The Cat House". 
"C" calls our sensory rice table
the "Kitty Litter Box"

It was great fun and a wonderful photo prop
at "C"s Pink Kitty 4th Birthday party
this past weekend.

It all started with a ginormous
appliance box from our new wall ovens.
I actually had my hubby trim 2-3 feet off the box 
since it was taller than me!

Then, I cut an arched doorway
and some window openings.

"C" helped me paint the box
one sunny morning in the art studio.
A mini paint roller made it go pretty 
quickly, it took us about an hour
to paint the whole thing.

Then, I painted kitty cats, 
grass, and a tree.

The scrapbook flowers are leftover
from that cute book of 
punch-out flowers that we
(there is a link at the end of the heart box
post if you're looking for your own 
paper flower making book!)

Real buttons glued to the center of each flower
added the final perfect touch of whimsy.

We've had so much fun with our new 
box fort that it's living in our playroom
with plans to go out to the backyard shed
for some yard/garden play once
spring arrives!

Happy Fort Making!

pink and green mama


Bex said...

Oh FUN! This looks like an excellent summer time project. My boys will have the BEST time making this. We will do puppies and make a dog house bc we are dog people but it would be fun to do a jungle theme too. Or a bark yard.

Natalia Glazacheva said...

We all(me+my 4 children) love this game so much! The best present for this Christmas from Santa for my kids were wrapping boxes :)Thanks a lot!!! Such a great idea!
You are welcome to visit my wed

Shauna said...

I love your creativity and seeing what you will do next! Thank you for your inspiration and for being willing to share your wonderful ideas with all of us.

Caz said...

This looks amazing, your paintings are so beautiful and bright and the whole concept is just wonderful! What lucky girls you have.


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