Friday, February 4, 2011

* Kid's Craft: Cut Tissue Paper Stained Glass Circles

We had some snow last week, which meant extra time home from school 
(a 7-day weekend to be exact) and extra time to play in the art studio!

"E" and I had so much fun making cut paper snowflakes with paper
and coffee filters that I decided it was time to get out my 
cut tissue paper  Rose Windows Book and "Stained Glass" Tissue Paper Window Making Kit. 

I think we should stay in our PJs and play in the art studio every day....
much more fun than going to school!

I got this kit in High School and made a few but it was buried and forgotten 
until I rediscovered it during a big art studio clean out last month. 

"E"s first "Window" in her favorite shades of blue and lavender.

Beautiful, colorful Mandalas. Exactly what our art studio windows needed!

The circular "frames"are made from a manilla card stock paper,
I think you could make your own by tracing plates (dessert/salad/dinner).

Each tissue paper circle is made out of 4-5 layers of differently colored tissue paper 
cut into circles and folded and cut like paper snowflakes.

To make really fancy ones, I highly recommend
Helga Meyerbroeker's book,
"Rose Windows and How to Make Them:Coloured Tissue Paper Crafts"

Each tissue paper "window" is sandwiched between two of the circular frames. 
We just used school glue and glue sticks.

The leftover tissue bits from inside the Mandala were so pretty we glued them 
together too (with glue stick) and I'm going to run them through the laminator 
as extra window decorations!

Glowing with white Snow and Sunshine behind them!

Happy Window Making!

Pink and Green Mama,


Elise said...

What a stunning way to add some color to the windows. I think it would be exciting to make these - to cut away and then reveal unique and gorgeous creations.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I've wanted to use the designs in the book for quite a while. I like how you also created your own patterns. That makes it so much more kid-friendly. You've inspired me to do this on one of the many cold days that will be coming up soon here in Minnesota.

Miko's Girl said...

This week, I've come to the realization that the girls and I don't craft as often as we once did. What is more sad is that G. doesn't remember when we used to craft. Children live so much in the now - a poignant reminder when I find myself spending more time fussing at them about their homework, their rooms, their piano practice.

We are caught up in the busyness of school, homework, and activities. This looks like a project that the girls will like and it appears easy enough for us to return to crafting. Thanks for sharing!

MommaMindy said...

Very beautiful. I showed my daughter your site the other day and she is excited to try some projects. Thanks for so many great ideas.

jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

beauty beauty beauty! you know how i love a good mandala!

mrs. fisher's findings said...

You have such great ideas! Since that huge snow storm, I have made my kids sensory boxes, and homemade valentines together. Thank you for all the creative ideas!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Mrs. Fisher!!

We have a lot of fun around here and snow days are just like bonus crafty Pajama days!! Thanks for reading!

; )


janet said...

Oh MaryLea,
My two guys would have LOVED these activities when they were little...where were you then ;-)

Janet xox

Elle Belles Bows said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Kerri

meg duerksen said...

love this! maybe THIS is what we'll make today.

Mod Podge Amy said...

MaryLea! I love this! Gorgeous.

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