Thursday, February 17, 2011

* Kid's Craft: Recycled Box House

 I love this little project because the girls came  up with it on their own. 

They commandeered this leftover box and made it into a little bug house
for some (craft foam) lady bug stickers.

They made bedrooms with tape walls, tape beds/pillows, and tiny paper blankets.
They asked for help drawing in details like bathrooms and windows. 
Mama got out the sharpies and we all had fun brainstorming ideas for the house together.

I love it and they've been playing with it daily for the past two weeks. 
Here's a little house tour for you...


Here are Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug in their room off the family bathroom. 

This is their couch -  three sparkly pom-poms...
all "C"s idea -- Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug kick back
and watch the bug channel after a long day.

The bug family's living room and kitchen lead out to the front yard. 
Gotta love the pink squirrels, birds, and flowers. 

"George" is the orange big brother bug.
"Betty" is the pink little sister bug
and they have a new baby sister moving  into that purple (masking tape) crib named

"Betty" even has a pink flower light on  in her bedroom wall like "C" does!

Happy Creating!

pink and green mama


Tia Verinha said...

olá!Obrigada por partilhar este projecto fantástico!Adorei! Adorei! Adorei! Fez-me lembrar como na minha infância contruía os meus brinquedos. Trabalho com crianças e procuro fazer trabalhos reciclando. Se puder espreite o milsorrisoscoloridos.blogspot.com e veja como nos divertimos.
Mil sorrisos colorido de Portugal!

Andrea said...

What a fab idea!

amomwithalessonplan.com said...

That is so cool! I especially love anything my kids create on their own! Of course the stepping stones you've laid and the materials you provided are a tiny tiny bit of the process=)

The Activity Mom said...

Love it! =)

Congrats on being nominated! I'm clicking over to vote now!

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

Hi MaryLea~ You have such creative girls. Love the teamwork!

Annette said...

Cute idea-- we have a bunch of these from Melissa and Doug toys.

Deanna said...

Seeing your pictures brings back so many memories. When I was little my Mom was save the shoe boxes from our Easter shoes. When summer came so would the Sears catalog. She would pull out those Easter boxes and give us scissors and glue. We would cut out all we needed (beds, curtains, rugs, etc...) from that catalog and make houses for our Barbie doll.

Thanks for helping me to remember such a special memory!

monica said...

What type of box did you use?!? It came out so great!

Elise said...

Fabulous. I can see why this has been used every day. The couch made out of the sparkly pom poms is so sweet.

Bex said...

What a terrific idea! My youngest has this big cool box he got from his cowboy boots in November and he hasn't been sure what to do with it. I will show him this!

mommy2luke2008 said...

This is too cute! I would have loved to play with that when I was little! I featured this on my friday favorites!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Super-cute!! We are big fans of imaginative crafts -- I know this would be a big hit at our house too! xoxo

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