Sunday, March 6, 2011

* Birthday Party Highlights: 8th Birthday Pajama Arts and Crafts Party!

I am recovering from quite a party here last night.

My sweet "E" celebrated her  8th birthday
with 4 of her closest friends. 
She wanted to have a Pajama Party 
this year with Root Beer Floats, Brownies, Pizza, and Arts and Crafts. 

And... only 4 friends (girls. no boys this year).
So that's what we did. : )

We set the mood with these cute little invitations
inspired by sleeping bags. 
I folded over blank cards, and we glued scrapbook paper to the front and back,
folded down a corner (like a sleeping bag!)

Then I made little paper doll templates and cut out little hair-dos and 
Pajamas out of more scrapbook paper. 

Aren't they fun? I love them!

Big Shipping Labels,
printed on the computer were stuck to the inside flap
with party invitation details. 

"E" loves to make these little  origami boats (she's a bit obsessed) 
So... I asked her to whip up a batch  the morning of the party and 
we hung them on our  little seasonal tree in the kitchen.

The girls arrived at 5pm in their Pajamas.
We started with Pizza and Root Beer floats
then we headed into the art studio to get crafty!

Our first craft were customized 
Mod-Podged mini-clipboards. 

I had a wide assortment of scrapbook papers
for the girls to choose from, then I cut a quick 6"x9" rectangle
and showed them how to use my corner-rounder punch. 

The "clip" part of the clip board just unscrews
from the board so they were super easy to Mod-Podge. 

I picked up the mini clipboards at Michael's craft store.
Sorry, the photos are a bit dark because it was getting dark outside!

Then, we made Monogram paintings.
Each girl painted the first letter of their name on a 11"x 14"
primed art canvas with acrylic craft paint.

Then, I got out my Martha Stewart glitter dust and let the girls bling out their wet paintings!

Then, we made mini-pom-pom milkshakes with tiny communion cups,
pom-poms, paper straws, and real sprinkles (bead cherry on top!)

Remember these little Pom-Pom Milk Shakes from this post? 
Each girl made 5-7!

Then, we headed back to the kitchen for 
Birthday Brownies and a little more Root Beer!
Then, once we were fully charged on sugar,  burps, and giggles...
We played a several rambunctious rounds of Birthday Mad Libs.

We sent our friends home with their craft projects
and these little Dollar Tree goody baskets filled with Dollar Tree goodies:
Tooth Brush, Mini Notepads (for the clip boards),
Glow Stick Bracelets.
As well as sets of homemade 
Microwave Popcorn (Kettle Corn!) 
wrapped in cute scrapbook paper with little office sticker labels. 

It was a big hit with all of the girls and "E" had a blast. 

Happy 8th Birthday Kiddo!

pink and green mama


Deanna said...

It seems both our girls are close in age. We are having a 8th birthday party this summer. Your party looks like so much fun and perfect for the age. We're hoping for a brunch party in our jammies. :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


I love the idea of a brunch!! That would have been tons of fun too with yummy breakfast food, PJs, and crafts!! Too fun and not past mommy's bedtime.
At least I got to wear my jammies ; )


willow and moo said...

Happy Birthday E!

We have an 8yo birthday coming up here too!

Jen said...

Okay, I read daily and love what you do. This post brought me back to the day when the party was "no boys allowed." I love how you create greatness for you children's parties. If you ever have an extra invitation hanging around and would like a 41 year old mother of 3 to show up, let me know! :) You Rock , Mama!

TwigandToadstool said...

That looks like such fun! Happy birthing day to you mama...oh my, they really do grow up so fast! My own daughter will be 8 in a few months, and I was thinking the other day, a slumber party would be just perfect for this year...some great ideas here, (and those invitations are just wonderful)!
xo maureen

brooke said...

This is so cute!!! Love it. The paper dolls are adorable

Lisa said...

what a fun party! your daughter will remember it for years to come!! i love their paintings.
have a great week

denice@inkstitch said...

What a fantastic party! So many great activities!

sara d. said...


Amy said...

That's a party I'd love to come to. Fab ideas!

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