Wednesday, March 2, 2011

* Kid's Craft: Bird Mask

Spring is just around the corner...

What better way to welcome
all of your busy
feathered backyard friends
than with your own bird mask?

The birdies in our backyard 
are very busy,
"getting married" 
according to my daughters right now.

We decided to make a bird mask.
We traced an existing play mask onto poster board.

You could also use card stock
or some dress-up sunglasses.

Make sure you cut out eye holes that
are big enough to see out of!
(this is a job for a grown-up)

Add a bit of elastic thread
(we raided our jewelry making- beading bin)

Then, let your inner artist shine.
I helped "E" fold a paper beak
then she added 
tissue paper,
and jewel stickers to give it some "bling"

How cute would these be in felt?!

The scarf costume was all her doing.
There was a lot of (scarf) wing flapping,
and if you're  in the neighborhood, 
you'll hear some bird calls coming from our backyard!

Happy Spring Crafting!

pink and green mama


Bending Birches said...

beautiful project ideas!
What a great site you have here, mama!
so nice to meet you:)

Michelle said...

I don't comment as often as I probably should but I'm checking your ideas frequently! And got a little treat for you here: http://best-toys-for-toddler.blogspot.com/2011/03/blog-award-passing-on-to-other-great.html

Carolyn said...

Cool mask! I love it. You are so creative.
Custom Patches

Anne said...

These are incredible! The kids in my class LOVE masks - and I think these would be just right for them to make.

Anonymous said...

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