Tuesday, March 8, 2011

* Mod-Podge Step Stool Makeover!

I recently re-vamped a step stool 
in the girls' bathroom with scrapbook paper, buttons,
and Outdoor Mod-Podge (it's waterproof)
and couldn't be happier with the results! 

The step stool in the girls' bathroom has seen better days.
It was looking down-right gross.
I thought why not give it a makeover with Mod-Podge?!

Can you say Eeeewwww?!

Cutest pack of scrapbook paper and I picked it 
up ON SALE at Michaels. 

Measure twice, cut once...yeah, well. 

Rookie Mistake:
I traced the side of the step stool and cut out two pieces of paper 
the same way without flipping the paper over so, 
I ended up with one piece cut out the wrong way.
Then, I re-cut the left side piece and somehow it came out
an inch too short on the back- ack!
So... I just cut an extra strip and pretended I did it on purpose!

It was still missing something,
so I got out my buttons and some 
Aleene's Tacky Glue.

Ahhh...Much better!
Happy Mod-Podging.

Pink and Green Mama


Jayme C. said...

how absolutely adorable! Ana White (ana-white.com) has plans to build a really adorable step stood. I think combining her building plans and your finishing idea would make for a fantastic Saturday project for me. :) Thanks for the idea. ;)

Duckys said...

I must say I LOVE THIS! The revamped stool is great and so cute. Now I just need to find something I can do this on?!?!?! Thanks so much for the idea

Charity said...

LOVE love love it! Adorable. This would look lovely in my "rainbow kitchen" (inspired by you!) that I'm planning...we are moving in June & I have been collecting rainbows for a sunny kitchen :)

Melissa said...

Super cute!!! So colorful!!!

April said...

so stinking awesome! Thank you for sharing your creative genius with everyone and brightening our lives!

Miko's Girl said...

So cute and doable. The step stool in the girl's bathroom could use this treatment.

Sil Campschroer said...

Now it's looking HOT!
Great how you did that by yourself.
I love creative people.Follow you next time. Have a nice week.Greetings with heart&soul,Sil.

Frank said...

I love it!

Heather @ Life Gluten Free said...

wow! a complete makeover. I want one! :)

Caz said...

Beautiful! I love everything about it; the colours, the buttons, the mash of patterns - it looks terrific!

wicker bar stools said...

It is nice to see doing makeover to old stuff. It is one way to preserve the things that are in good condition. I do even do it at home and I love recycling too.

Kim said...

I love this and have been meaning to redo my kids' picnic table. Well I finally did it and love it. I will email you a photo of it. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Jamie B said...

I love how you have decorated this stool.. it's so bright and pretty! I hope it's okay, I just finished a paper crafts round-up showing ways to use decorative paper for home decor and just couldn't help but feature your pretty step stool. You can see it here:

Thank you so much for sharing :)

Yssir Shahbaz said...

Well done great work

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