Friday, March 11, 2011

* Peg Doll Leprechauns & St. Patrick's Day Sensory Box

I decided the girls needed a 
St. Patrick's Day Sensory Box this week. 

And yes... I have been on a bit of a peg doll kick lately 
(more on them soon, I promise!) so of course I wanted to make some 
mini peg-doll Leprechauns for the box! 

I've been playing in it too!

We re-cycled our dry green Split Peas (from our Fall Sensory Box) as the green ground. 
Then, added some Dollar Tree faux mossy rocks (from our Fairy Land basket),
some glass green "gems" from our gems and jewels stash,
and some glittery shamrocks and foam shamrock stickers
(left over from a St. Patrick's Day craft my mom taught
at a retirement center years ago - thanks mom!) 

The little wooden rainbow over there on the left
is leftover from our homemade wooden toy making adventure
last winter. I like the way the girls lined up the gold coins
to make a path/walk way through the land. 

The mini cauldrons were picked up on Halloween clearance 
last year in anticipation of this year's Harry Potter birthday party
(that was replaced by the Pajama party instead!) 

You'll recognize the golden rocks recycled from 
"C"s Third birthday party (Pirates and Mermaids Party)
The gold jewelry box is extra fancy according to "C"

Happy Leprechaun Gold Hunting!
pink and green mama, MaryLea


Alicia Stucky said...

I love your sensory station. I'm going to start making some for my son next week, and I'll be checking back for some neat ideas.

Counting Coconuts said...

Love this, MaryLea!! Will be posting it on my Counting Coconuts Facebook page. :)

Sallie said...

Girl, the one with the acorn cap is KILLING me he's so cute! Remind me to tell you what I'm up to with the camps/art exchange. :) Sallie

Kathy said...

What a great idea! I am always amazed at the stuff you have "on hand". I'd love to see how you organize your craft room.
Kathy :-)

Gina said...

Those little leprechauns are fantastic! I know my daughter would love having little people to play with in her sensory box! Can't wait to give it a try! Thanks for the idea!

EmilyM said...

What a great sensory box. I love those little peg leprechauns too, very cute. I need to make some for my son's sensory boxes he would love to play with them.

Carine said...

I'm hosting a linky about St-Patrick's day on my blog!
Please check it out

Heather @ Life Gluten Free said...

That's such a fun idea. I love the addition of the gold coins! We just made some saint patrick's day shamrocks. One some of them, we traced my daughters handprint and then used glue and glitter to decorate it. My daughter had so much fun that we decided to make more, with rainbows and smileyfaces! Fun! :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Heather --

Anything with glitter, glue, and rainbows sounds fun to me!! : )

pink and green mama,

TwigandToadstool said...

Oh my goodness...your leprechauns are so stinkin' cute!!!!
xo maureen

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love it!!

Great idea using the acorn top as a hat!


Annette said...

I wanted to let you know I included this post in my "Weekend Round-Up" here:

Great ideas-- thank you!

Polka said...

your ideas are always wonderful :)

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