Friday, April 22, 2011

* Homemade Easter Cards with Wordle

The girls have been working on 
some homemade Easter cards
for grandparents and great grandmas. 

They made an Easter "Wordle" 
and did some marble painting

Wishing you and your family a 
Happy Easter and
Happy Spring Break!

pink and green mama


Amanda said...

I am in love with Wordle. We used our leftover paintings from our marbled egg painting project to make our Easter cards!

@auroraflorealis said...

I have awarded your blog "Versatile Blogger Award!" Click on my recent blog post for details. :) Wonderful work!

Leptir said...

Happy Easter :-)

Lori Jones said...

Wow, I love those homemade cards! Very beautiful. I like the easter messages written on that card too. Inspirational and truly heartfelt. Thanks for sharing!

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