Tuesday, April 19, 2011

* Kid's Spring Craft: Decoupage Easter Eggs With Paper Napkins

We picked up a package of brown paper eggs
at our local craft store for a dollar. 

I thought they would be pretty with some 
decoupaged napkins from our decorative napkin stash!

Oh, you mean you don't collect pretty paper napkins and tissue paper
whenever you're at a party? Ummm...I might have a paper obsession!

Shhh...I have a drawer in my art studio filled with these. 

We mixed up some water and white Elmer's School Glue
then painted each egg with a generous layer of glue water
(you could also use Mod Podge)

Add torn (or cut) bits of paper napkin or tissue paper.
Paint another layer of glue mixture on top (gently!) to seal it. 

Keep adding bits and pieces until your egg is all covered.

Note: Secret trick for working with decorative paper napkins =
They always have three layers of paper -- 
you need to peel off the two white layers and just 
work with the top printed layer - it will be very thin and delicate.
This is what I use in my own mixed-media work with Mod Podge. 

If we had painted the brown eggs white, 
the napkin colors and patterns would have been brighter 
but I liked the muted colors. 

"C" even made one with "stripes" by adding the tissue layers in strips. 

Fancy eggs for our easter basket. 

Happy Spring Crafting!

pink and green mama, MaryLea


The Handmaden said...

They look wonderful! I don't have any collected napkins but maybe I should start!

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Beautiful! Now I know what to do with my napkins...but truth is, they sit in my art stash untouched because I can't bear the thought of using them! I have issues :-)

Dusti said...

We painted those same eggs for our kids for easter! We're giving them to them in a cardboard egg carton


Here is the link!

Eliz. K said...

My husband is not thanking you, as I think collecting pretty napkins from parties is a wonderful idea! :-)

The eggs are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Oooh, I would love some of those cardboard eggs and the napkin decoupage is gorgeous!

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