Wednesday, May 18, 2011

* Interview and "Puppet Play" Book Giveaway!

The girls and I loved Diana Schoenbrun's newest book, "Puppet Play"
and we couldn't wait to share it with all of you!
At the end of this post,  you'll have a chance to
  win your own copy of her "Puppet Play" book!

As you  may know from past posts, 

We love puppets - we've made sock puppets
pipe cleaner and paper "Oobi" puppets

and our own mini puppet theatre!

I was so excited to interview Diana and
 review our own copy of her adorable book.

Here's our conversation -- Enjoy!
Me: 1. My mom and Middle School Home Economics teacher taught me how to 
 sew. Who taught you how to sew?

 Diana: I had the same experience. My mom taught me around age 6 basic sewing. 
 She is quite skilled in hand sewing and does cross-stitching, 
 needlepoint, and crewel embroidery.  When I was in middle school I 
 learned how to use a sewing machine and I used patterns to create 
 clothing and pillows.

Me: 2. I used to cut up old socks into Barbie doll dresses as a child. 
 Did you make puppets or doll clothes as a child?

Diana:  I remember making small puppets out of felt and paper bags as a child. 
 I also liked making sculpted characters out of clay and then cutting and 
 sewing fabric to cover them with clothes. One project that sticks out in 
 my mind is a simple cornhusk doll I made.

Me: 3. Our sock puppets and (up-cycled sock/tights) stuffed animals live in 
 our playroom. Do you keep your puppets for yourself or give them away as 

 Diana: I have many of the original stuffed animals and puppets from my book 
 that I often bring to events. I do make extras and give them away as 
 gifts to family and friends. Sometimes I sell them at craft and holiday 

 Me: 4. A blogging friend (Filth Wizardry) up-cycled a wooden meat carving platter into a 
 play space ship and my own daughter up-cycled a back massager into a 
 moon buggy for one of her polly pocket dolls. What is one of the 
 strangest things you've ever up-cycled for one of your creative 

 Diana: As a child I was a big fan of cardboard boxes and made them into 
 trains,cars,and igloos. I would pretend to travel in them. I turned a 
 dollhouse into an actual bird feeder. In my Puppet Play and Beasties 
 book I up-cycled my clothes into many puppets and stuffed animals.

Me: 5. As an artist, I always have half a dozen different projects going at 
 once. Is there something new in the works that you're excited to be 
 working on that you would like to tell my readers about?

 Diana: Yes I have am working on a stop motion animation book trailer for 
 Beasties. Check back to my video page in June! There will be a zombie 
 and Chonchon featured in it. I am planning craft events in California  
 on June 2nd in San Francisco  at the Museum of Craft and Folk 
 Art(http://www.mocfa.org) and another event at the Reading Bug book 
 store(http://www.thereadingbug.com) on June 5th. I am also working on 
 illustrations for two picture book stories I wrote.

Thank you so much Diana, we adore 
all of the clever ways you 
re-purposed and up-cycled 
socks and lost gloves into friendly toys! 

For a chance to win your own copy of Diana's book,
"Puppet Play" leave a comment on this post
(make sure I have an email address for you!)
Winner will be selected by random number generator 
on Friday May 20th at 10am EST.

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Pink and Green Mama,

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