Tuesday, May 17, 2011

* Puppet Fun Preview!

a little sock puppet friend of ours wants to
 tell you a secret! 

We've got a fun giveaway and interview 
coming up tomorrow
that you won't want to miss!

pink and green mama


Robin said...

Just wanted to say that I found your blog yesterday and have been looking at all your posts! Such great ideas and so inspiring. Thank you for some good times to come with my preschooler! :) Really, huge huge thanks.

Robin said...

And a couple of questions:
1. what kind of craft paint do you usually use?
2. How do you organize all the stuff?! We have various art & craft supplies but I haven't come up with a good system yet.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Robin,

1. We use a variety of paints. For acrylic we usually use those little bottles from the craft store that go on sale regularly at the craft store (Apple Barrel, Craft Smart, and Anita's Craft Paint).
I also buy kid's tempera paint in bigger bottles - various brands- haven't found one I'm in love with.

2. Organizing craft stuff is tricky, another reader and friend of mine recently asked the same thing. I'm planning on doing a post probably beginning of April (since May is all queued up!) . I need some time to photograph all of our stuff and try to write it up.

I hope this helps and thanks so much for reading

pink and Green Mama

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