Saturday, July 16, 2011

* Scientific Explorer Day Giveaway!

We decided to have our own family 
Outdoor Science Day 
during Backyard Science Week.

That's us making Ice Cream 
in a Pillow Case...
Yes, a Pillow Case!

That's how we roll around here. 

I recently received an Outdoor Science Day Package
that included three different backyard science kits
to try out with my girls compliments of my friends
at Elmer's Glue and Scientific Explorer! 

First we made 
homemade ice cream in a pillow case! 
The girls were super excited to try this one. 

We gathered ingredients and "E" wrote down each recipe 
as we experimented with skim milk vs. 2% milk,
white milk vs. chocolate milk, sugar vs. honey, etc. 

Stirring up the "potions"

Mixing the ice cream in a pillow case
(inside a plastic bag with salt and ice cubes!)
We had to take turns shaking and flipping it for 20 minutes!
It was a good workout : )

We had a little family taste test to see which flavor
we liked the best - 
Pink Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Blue Honey Vanilla.

The four flavors on our tie-dyed pillow case!

Our Blue Honey Vanilla ice cream was 
voted by our family to be the best!

The girls also loved this My First Backyard Explorer Kit
it comes with a guidebook filled with fun (kid friendly and mom-manageable) experiments.

Their favorite "experiment" was using this rope
and setting it up in various places around the yard between
4 sticks to see what lives in a square foot - it's a lot more than you think!

This nifty little observation scope was "C"s favorite tool 
in the kit. She examined moths, flowers, and bugs. 

They also sent us this super cool Baking Soda and Vinegar Rocket kit...
but our yard has too many neighboring trees to do the 100 ft. (Wowzers!) clearance it needs.

We're planning a trip to the nearby High School Soccer Field
as soon as we get a nice sunny day with fewer gnats!

Want to have some outdoor science fun of your own?
You can have your own Outdoor Science Day 
with your choice of one of the kits I reviewed. 

 I wonder which one you'll pick? 
Ice Cream, Nature Explorer, or Baking Soda Rocket?
Leave a comment on this post and tell me which one you'd pick.

I'll draw a name by random generator from comments left on this post, 
make sure I have your email address so I can notify you if you win. 
If I can't reach you, I'll draw a different name. 

For a second entry, check out the Scientific Explorer 
Virtual Science Fair on YouTube
and leave a comment telling me what you liked best:

For an additional entry, follow Scientific Explorer on Twitter
(and let me know with another comment!)

I'll close comments Monday, July 18th (10:00 AM EST). 
Comments are now closed. 

Pink and Green Mama

Scientific Explorer provided me and my family with the 
three science kits reviewed in this post, free of charge.
The opinions expressed are entirely my own 
and I did not receive any additional compensation. 


snuffytut said...

We would love the Nature Explorers kit. My daughter would have tons of fun with it.

Emma said...

I think my daughter would love the backyard explorer kit - she's really into bugs! Thanks for a great blog - I've only discovered you recently, but I've loved everything I've read.

alexandra said...

Ice Cream for my ice-cream loving boys!

Jena @ HappyLittleMesses said...

Jena from www.happylittlemesses.com.

Love these experiment kits and your blog. I've been checking in for over a year now to see what you and your family is up to. Our favorite post is the monster play dough using Koole Aide. We made monster making kits for my littlest guy's birthday this year. It's our favorite play dough recipe and we've tried many...Thanks for all the inspiration!

Jena @ HappyLittleMesses said...

OOps, My favorite kit is the backyard exploration kit that comes with the scope for looking closely at the ground, and my email address is jenchris27@aol.com

Sheri said...

I would probably pick the rocket, although the backyard explorer kit would be cool too.

Sheri said...

My favorite part of the video was a chance to win prizes :)

Kris said...

We would love the rocket kit. We enjoy your blog and get great ideas! Our email is apapafoster@aol.com

kim said...

The rocket is very cool, although so is the backyard explorer. Love your blog, lots of great ideas

April said...

The Ice Cream kit seems like lots of fun!

Marcia said...

I would choose the backyard explorer kit.

Amber said...

We would love the ice cream kit.


Megret said...

So difficult to choose! I guess we'd love the Nature Explorer's Kit the best.
musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

Elissa said...

Ice cream for sure!

shang09 said...

Definitely the NAture Explorer!!! Thanks!

mom said...

My kids would love the rocket kit. Looks like a lot of fun.
gigig99 at aol dot com

Kristina said...

I think my kids would love the backyard explorer kit. Looks like so much fun.

Megan said...

We would love the Nature Kit. Thanks so much for a chance to win. :)

ladydi115 said...

I know a little boy who would love the rocket kit. thanks!

Anonymous said...

The baking soda rocket for sure. My preschooler class would love it!

radiantreflections said...

my daughter would love the backyard explorer kit!
it looks like you all had so much fun and the ice-cream looks great!

crystalr410@yahoo.com said...

My 3 kids would definitely love the baking soda rocket! The oldest convinced our babysitter (on a rare date night)that they should try to make a rocket by pouring baking soda into an empty water bottle and then quickly adding vinegar to see if it would take off. BTW lots of vinegar in one area of grass = dead grass! :)

NW Homesteader said...

Its such a tough call but I think we would love the My First Backyard Explorer Kit
alklong at hotmail dot com

NW Homesteader said...

That is super that homeschoolers can unite for a science fair and participate online together!
alklong at hotmail dot com

NW Homesteader said...

scientific explorer twitter follower @nwhomesteader
alklong at hotmail dot com

Poor Badger Creations said...

Oh we would for sure choose the rocket!

Rachel said...

We would choose the Backyard Explorer Kit, how fun!

Rachel said...

The virtual science fair is a great resource to enhance learning at home!

Jenn said...

I would love the nature explorer kit!

Jenn said...

The virtual science fair could be a great way to get new ideas for science experiments at home and to see how other people approach a given experiment. I love that SE is providing an outlet for sharing!

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