Wednesday, July 20, 2011

* Acorn Cap Bird Nests Craft

Here's an oldie but goodie from our archives, earlier this spring.

This little gem of a craft was 
too cute and too easy to pass by. 

I first saw it here at Our Day Our Journey Blog 
then I saw it on another preschool blog (can't find the link -- I'm sorry!)
and knew I had to do this one with the girls. 

A few days ago, one quiet afternoon while big sister was still at school,
"C" and I started making these tiny little bird nests.

We have a huge basket full of acorn caps in our art studio.
The girls and I are part squirrel --
we can't help ourselves and collect them every fall!

(Here's a quarter so you can see how small they are!)

You never know when you'll need an acorn cap for a
nature project, wooden peg fairy hat, or tiny bird nest craft!

We collected a few small pebbles from our backyard
and painted them robin's egg blue 
with some washable acrylic craft paint. 

Then, we put a blob of clear Elmer's glue 
inside an acorn cap, added a small sprinkling
of dried moss, then another blob of clear glue
and the painted stones (tiny eggs!)

So sweet for a nature table, easter egg tree,
or tiny fairy land. 

If you are wondering if this craft would be too tricky
for your own kiddos, I assure you it's super easy!

I got a phone call as soon as we glued the first nest together,
while I was talking to my friend, 
"C" hopped out of her chair, 
grabbed a handful of acorn caps from the basket, 
and got to work painting stones, 
and gluing the nests together on her own!

(That's my little independent crafty 4 year old.)

She decided each nest should only have one egg
that's why we have so many made that way
("C" made all of those by herself!) 
I made the three egg nests with her. 

Happy Nature Crafting. 

This post is part of the Smart Summer Challenge.

Pink and Green Mama


Candace @NaturallyEducational said...

These are great! WE have tons of acorn caps--we used them for leaf spirit hats last year. I'll need to gather a store to use throughout the year this fall!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Those are SO cute! I just used the last of my craft acron caps for Cyan's birthday cake... but I can't wait to collect more this fall for this project. :)



Anne said...

Thats so cute!...:)
Thanks for sharing ...:)

Shelby from anewbohemia.com said...

These are ADORABLE!!! All of my kids would love to make these. Now I just need to locate some acorn caps....

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