Thursday, August 25, 2011

* Melted Disney Princess Crayon Rainbow Canvas!

After making our melted crayon rainbow, 
"C" announced that she wanted one for her room too.
I remembered this stash of Princess Crayons 
(from our trip to Disney World three years ago). 

 They were never very fun to color with 
which is why we had them leftover... now I know why,
they're made out of some kind of weird, harder wax than the crayola crayons.

I started out by gluing them to the top of our canvas (14" x14" square with wrapped edges)
with my glue gun. Had to use a lot of extra glue to secure them on the back
since they're molded figurines on top and I didn't want their heads to break off!

Then, we propped up the canvas on a stool in the art studio
and I got out my embossing (heat) gun from my stamping stash. 
This was easier and faster to use than the hair dryer we used on the other project -
it also seemed to "splatter" less because the heat and air are more directed.

Open a window, this step is fumey. 

See what I mean about weirdo wax?! 
It's thick and clumpy and doesn't spread out! Ugh!

I started to panic that it wasn't going to work and thought the princesses looked 
weird with their crayon stump bottoms!
So... to help spread the wax I grabbed a plastic gift card/hotel key
from my stash and used it to spread the hot wax with downward strokes - 
like you're spreading frosting on a cake.
The plastic melts/warps a bit from the heat so you might want to use 
a metal, artist's palette knife if you have one handy.

That's better. 

Although the princess stumps do still look a bit weird - sort of like they are pooping rainbows...
Um, oh well. The girls like it, so I guess we'll call it done!

So there you have it, our two melty rainbow crayon canvases.
"E"'s traditional crayon rainbow and "C"'s princess crayon rainbow.

Happy Rainbow Making!

Fondly, Pink and Green Mama 


Tamara @ Southern Yankee Mix said...

It ended up coming out cute! The stumpy bottoms are a little weird though (but so were the crayons to start with, LOL.) Kids are so easy to please, I'm glad she likes it! Good job, mama! ;)

brooke said...

I haven;t left you a comment in forever but I have been following along. I am SOSOSOSO excited to go this project. You and I both adore a good rainbow, but this is just so stunning. I can't wait to throw down a tarp and let my Lily create something. I think it would be perfect in the new babies room. It's not coming till Feb, but what perfect art for him/her. FUN!!! I will link back when we do it.

chinamommy said...

i think that just turned out ADORABLE! I tried to make 2 of these last week and ended up throwing them away :( i used my embossing gun and it just sprayed the colors all over, they ran together and it was a mess, BUT... yours are ADORABLE!!!

twolittleseeds said...

So fun, so lovely to look at. Xx

5+2=1 said...

I love love LOVE this! I love the brightness of the princesses, but the coolness of the crayolas :) great tip with the palette knife/card etc. I look forward to trying this one day. maybe for our (australian) back to school sales when the crayons are so cheap :D
Thanks so much


The Zookeeper said...

Thats really neat! We have melted old crayons and made new ones in different shapes and the kids have really enjoyed that... However thanks for the neat idea!

Janelle said...

They do sort of look like "princess genies" but I love the effect.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

So so so so awesome! It almost looks like the continuation of the princesses dresses. So fun!

Yvonne said...

You always have such creative ideas. I love your blog!

usb said...

What a fun work you done. It almost looks like the continuation of the princesses dresses.

Kelley-Lou-Who said...

I agree with Janelle, that they look like genies. Still cute and adorable. And as long as she likes it...well who cares! lol I was so inspired I actually just made my own version. I had smaller canvases, and I had to split them up. One is warm colors, the other cool colors. Thanks for sharing!

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