Wednesday, October 26, 2011

* Preschool At Home: Halloween Counting and Sorting Games

We have some fun Halloween-themed activities
on our preschool at home shelves this week.

"C" (age 4) has really been enjoying this counting game.
I picked up a couple of bags of mini halloween erasers
in the dollar bin area at Target and they are great little math manipulatives.

I printed out some numbers on card stock and sort them into 
this wooden box (I think it's left over from a Melissa and Doug toy)

She loves counting her little erasers and does this in the afternoon
while big sister is working on her homework.

She's also been having fun with the light table.
I stuck some googly-eyed halloween face stickers onto scrapbook paper
and trimmed around them. They're fun little light table manipulatives.
"C" drew this Haunted House to set up all of her little faces in the windows. 

"C" drawing her Haunted House on drawing paper.

This little tray has been popular with both of my girls!

It was inspired by the awesome activities from the 
(go check it out, she has the cutest games there)

"C"s favorite is cutting the strips of scrapbook paper.
She actually cut out all of the little skeletons
then wrote "Boo!" on the back of them and put them in that little tin candy box.

The hole punch is a bit harder for her but "E" (age 8) really likes it.
We also tried sharpening some Halloween pencils but she likes 
the electric sharpener better! 

We also have two little buckets of spider rings with a set of tweezers
but I didn't get a photo of it.
"C" likes transferring the spiders back and forth and sorting them by color
(orange and black.) 

And, of course, we've been having fun with the Halloween sensory table.

Are you doing any halloween-themed activities
 at home or in your classroom this week?

Pink and Green Mama


Impossible Mom said...

I really love your light table!! My daughters birthday is in two weeks and I'm thinking we may get her a light table! She loves animating and drawing {she'll be six} and I bet itwould be great for that! Where do you purchase a light table? Also, have you posted any other ideas w the light table?! Thanks for sharing!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Impossible Mom -

I think I bought my light box from an art supply catalog years ago - probably Dick Blick, Cheap Joes, or Sax.
You can make one for less money by putting a couple of circle shaped push/click lights or a string of white xmas lights inside a plastic storage box - just line the lid with parchment paper to make it opaque.

If you type "Light Table" into my search box on my blog's sidebar you should find other posts where I talk about our light table : )

For great light box/table ideas check out the Playful Learning blog and Play At Home Mom blog.

Hope this helps!

Pink and Green Mama

Kim said...

I LOVE the dollar bins at Target! There is always some little treasure to find.

Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon said...

I was thinking what Impossible Mom was, "Christmas is coming up perhaps a light table would be fun." I keep seeing cool ideas on Pinterest too for the light table. I absolutely *love* that you commented with a frugal alternative. I am going to try it this week. Thank you for being so creatively thrifty. Cheers!

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