Wednesday, December 21, 2011

* Easy Holiday Kid Craft: Felt Candy Cane Mice

I remember making these felt candy cane mice once as a little girl
and when I saw them in Family Fun and on Martha Stewart Crafts
I knew they were the perfect Christmastime craft for my girls!
(My mom made even them with her garden club friends for their holiday party this year.) 

We made a couple of felt candy cane mice last week
 for "C"s preschool teachers as gifts and for a trial run.
Then "E" wanted to make them as gifts for her third grade classmates.
Umm.... okay, 30 more felt candy cane mice coming up!

So, mama got busy cutting out felt mice "parts"
using the template from Martha Stewart crafts here.

After I cut out all the bits and pieces, the girls helped match up
and assemble felt mouse ears. 
We used Aleene's tacky glue to glue the felt bits together.

I picked up some mini bottles at JoAnne's and I'll never buy the big ones again.
The tiny bottle is actually very easy to use 
and much easier to squeeze than their normal-sized big bottle. 
I plan to only buy the tiny bottle for the girls (and myself) from now on!

After the ears were put together we glued on tiny felt noses.

For the eyes we used black scrapbook paper punched out with a hole punch.
I added a "white highlight" with a Bic White Out Pen (office supply aisle at Target). 

Then, we threaded the candy canes through the mice and they're ready to go
to school tomorrow for the big third grade class party!

Happy Holiday Crafting!

Pink and Green Mama


Shauna said...

I love these little felt mouse candy canes. They are darling. I have always wanted to make these with my girls and I love the felt colors you used. Too cute!
I finally got my post up about our Barbie House Decorations as well as a fun Barbie Coloring page I illustrated. So here is the link: http://myshaenoel.blogspot.com/2011/12/barbie-house-christmas-decorations-diy.html
Thanks again for being our inspiration! You guys are an amazingly creative family.
Merry Christmas!

MissP73 said...

Adorable felt mice!! Wish I had found your blog a bit sooner ... this would have been awesome to do with my 6yr old R for her class. Aaaahhh that's next year figured out already!!

So I have recently discovered your blog and feel I should be bowing down to you! You are the crafting Queen .. my new idol! I did have one problem though. Super excited by the colored glue crafts. Went to the store and stocked up on glue and then started mixing with my acrylics. Alas it did not mix well and the glue has a spotty cloudy look to it ... then it refused to squeeze out the bottle! I'm wondering if my old tube acrylics were no good? We are currently living in the Philippines ... unfortunately, third world countries do not bode well for obtaining craft supplies!

Meanwhile, I'm pining a bazillion crafts, from your site, onto Pinterest. I have a shopping list for our home visit to NY ... wonder if the plane could drop me off at our local Michaels?!?!

Thanks for all your awesome inspiration, and sorry for the rambling post ;o)

Merry Christmas!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Cute! I love the rainbow of colors. :) The kids must have had great fun making these.

Merry Christmas, Mary Lea!

Love Val

CamomilaRosaeAlecrim said...

Adorei a idéia...vou tentar fazer para as crianças!
Uma boa semana e boas festas!

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