Sunday, January 8, 2012

* Alcohol Ink on Polymer Clay Embossed Pendant Tiles

This is one of those ideas that popped into my head randomly.
It was one of my "I wonder if this would actually work?" ideas...
turns out it did and does. 

First we rolled out some white polymer clay 
(Sculpey or Fimo from the craft store) and 
rolled paper doilies into the clay to create lacy impressions.

We cut out shapes by hand with clay knife,
you could use cookie cutters too but ours seem to have disappeared!

We made small holes in the clay shapes so they could be 
strung later as necklaces or hung on ribbon as ornaments.

We baked them in the oven according to the package directions
and allowed them to cool. 

The next day, "E" (age 8.5) and I used my Adirondak brand alcohol inks
to dye the ornaments. This wasn't a project for her little sister "C" (age 4.)

They're messy and they stain everything,
"E" had the genius idea for us to wear surgical gloves. 

I've been wanting to play with these inks ever since I first saw them
They're so fun and we plan to use them on future projects!

My first medallion in progress...

"E" working on one of her many (beautiful) tiles. 
She's a natural and came up with the prettiest color combinations.

"E" manipulating the ink on a clay tile with a small paintbrush.
Also her technique/idea. We didn't read any tutorials or instructions,
we just kind of jumped in head first! : )

We worked on trays with paper towels so we wouldn't stain the table.
These inks permanently stain non-porous surfaces so you have to use them with caution.

Our finished pendants, ready to string as necklaces or ornaments. 

So many possibilities, I think you could have fun with 
other stamps or letters to make embossed tags. 

Happy Creating!

pink and green mama


Meghan Mayhew said...

This is an awesome idea! I just became your newest follower! I love your blog, such great ideas!


Amy said...

Love this idea. I may even attempt it with my little ones with lots of help!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

Did you experiment with water color? I wonder if that would work, instead of water you could use alcohol???? Yes??? Anne

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


We tried liquid watercolors and they didn't stick to the clay as well as the alcohol inks did. They were much lighter and we liked the saturated colors of the alcohol inks better. I have no idea if you can use alcohol with watercolors, I've never tried it before. Seems like it would be very stinky like when we do our permanent marker tie-dying...the surprising thing about these inks is that they really were not as stinky as I thought they would be!


Kim said...

These are incredible! If I had money to spend I'd go out right now and buy supplies lol

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

These are gorgeous Mary Lea!

Mariah said...

They turned out so beautifully! My girls would love to make these - I am adding them to my "to do" list :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited about your heart shaped doilies.
Are you able to tell me the brandname of them or where I might get some.
I'd lke to do teh t-shirt print from earlier posting.

These gorgeous ornaments/pendants are truely beautiful.
Kind regards Milcia

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hi Alicia,

We used some heart shaped doilies that I picked up in the baking/cake decorating aisle at our local craft stores (Michaels and JoAnnes) as well as at Walmart and Target. I think they are Wilton brand. They usually show up in January and February for Valentine's day and I stock up on them. You might also be able to find them at a Party Supply or Dollar store.


Deceptively Educational said...

OH MY GOSH, these are STUNNING! You could start an etsy store to sell these. LOVE them! Pinning now!

Lisa said...

Okay, I love those. A lot. Pinning it now.

Blue said...

Those are beautiful! You should sell them on etsy.


Wow - just beautiful indeed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I was wondering if you sealed them with something? Mod Podge maybe?

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

We did not seal them but using Mod Podge is a FANTASTIC idea! Thank you!


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