Wednesday, February 15, 2012

* Colorframes Block Review - Block Play Activities For Preschoolers and Toddlers

My very creative and colorful friends at Learning Materials Workshop,
recently contacted me to review one of their wonderful Reggio Emilio style learning materials.
I love all of their products and they are beautiful and fun to play with.

They sent us their set of Colorframes blocks.

The wood blocks come in 42 different colors 
with natural wood on one side and painted color on the other. 
They sit in a pretty natural wood frame/tray.

Each adult and child that has encountered them in our house this week,
have not been able to resist playing with them.
 This photo was taken the first day "C" played with them.

"C" is actually in the playroom right now building a farm with them as I type this.
I just heard Geoff and "E" walk in there and join her. : )

They are so visually pleasing. 

These Colorframes are like eye candy -- you can't resist the call to come play with them!
Looking at them gives me the same thrill I get with a paint chip color fan
or those displays at the hardware store with all of the paint samples on one wall. Sigh.

"C" made a little village for her wooden animals and peg dolls.

I made the little blue bird and the peg dolls.

My lovely friend and Etsy artist, Lorilee Kopp, from Mama Kopp Shop
made the Totoro, Snail, Raccoon, and blue slugs.

"C" stacked the blocks and made boxes as small 
apartments and houses for her critters.

I love it, very artsy. 
I want to live there too!

"C" thought the town needed some roads and she wanted to add our 
They work beautifully with the Colorframes blocks!

We may have to add their Coloraturo set to our collection next!
Thank you Learning Materials Workshop, we love your products,
your website, and all of your colorful play ideas!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

Note: My family and I received a set of Colorframes blocks to play with for this review.
We did not receive any additional financial compensation. 
All opinions expressed in this review are my own.


Katie said...


Ms. Barbara said...

These are awesome and it looks like your daughter had so much fun. I often read through blogs about companies asking individuals to try/review their products. Can you tell me how you go about being able to do that? I've always been interested in doing something like that with my kiddos. Thanks!

Miek said...

I love this!!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hi Barbara,

Great question! The companies I review products for contact me and we go from there, I turn down 80% of the companies that contact me because their products are not relevant to my readership, I only review products I love and feel will resonate with my readers. It's okay to be picky with your own blog. I think some bloggers reach out to companies but I've never done that myself. I hope this helps!


Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I love the colors of those blocks! I'd totally want to play with them too (especially love the way the colors played off of the rainbow curtain in the background! What great styling!)


Olives and Pickles said...

Thanks for sharing
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Elissa P. said...

I'm in love!!!

Elissa P. said...

I'm in love!!!

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