Saturday, March 3, 2012

* Penguin Party Games

The penguin birthday party play date
was filled with lots of fun play "stations" set up throughout
the house so the 3 little girls could run around 
and play as they wished in the different areas. 
They had a great time and were very imaginative with their games.

Homemade Penguin box bean bag fish toss game.
"C" loved the cat toss game from her party last year and requested
this game - she planned it out and we made it.

"Fishing" for felt bean bag fish.

Homemade fishing poles made from 5-gallon paint stir sticks
(less than a dollar each at Walmart in the paint aisle) with 
yarn and a fridge magnet tied to it.

Homemade felt bean bag fish (with magnets hidden inside)

"C" requested another rice sensory table like we had for 

So we went with a winter themed sensory box...

"C" setting up the winter play sensory box before the party.

The winter sensory box with pillow stuffing and white rice.
You can see our homemade winter play mat on the floor.

The girls went "ice fishing" in the upstairs bathtub. 
We added ice cubes and homemade craft foam fish (with paperclips)
to catch with our homemade fishing poles.

Just like we did for C's Pirates and Mermaids themed third birthday party...
do you remember that one?

We made a double batch of white Snow play-dough with silver glitter
and had a play-dough table in the art studio with snowflake cookie cutters. 

My homemade felt penguin masks and the igloo fort were a big hit as well!

Pink and Green Mama


Nikki said...

Love all these activities so cute. Where did you find the set up for your sensory. I love the divides in that container and size for only a few kids.


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hi Nikki,

The sensory table is the Step 2 Artic Splash Water Table. We bought it at Toys R Us two years ago. We mostly use it as an indoor sensory table but drag it out on the porch or set it up in the kitchen with water when we want to use it as a water table. : )


Nikki said...

Thanks I probably won't find it if it was 2 years ago. lol I love the size of it. I looks like the ideal size that I'm looking for from your photos. Might have to watch yard sales or check ebay. lol


Terri Thompson said...

These are all such fun ideas! That igloo fort looks like so much fun!

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