Tuesday, April 3, 2012

* Spring Break and Peep Dioramas

The girls and I are on Spring Break this week.
I'm taking the week off of blogging to hang out with my girls - 
so today I'll post my old Peep Dioramas to celebrate Easter. 

In 2008, I entered my first Peep Diorama,
"Sesame Peep" 

In 2010, I made my favorite 
"Goodnight Peep" Diorama.
I donated my dioramas to my daughter's elementary school library. 

Last year, in 2011, I made this 
"Vincent Van Peep's Starry Night" Diorama

No, I didn't have time to make a diorama this year,
there were too many family obligations and birthday parties
but yes, there will be Peeps in the girls' easter baskets this year!

I'll be back next week...
Happy Spring!

Pink and Green Mama


Growing a Jeweled Rose said...

Oh, I love your peep diorama's! They are fantastic! Enjoy your week, and happy Spring :)

Alicia said...

you are awesome!! i LOVE your peep shows...i'd love to make one with my kids but i'm sure they'd eat all the peeps before we could create anything. love your sweet creating spirit, girl!

Jen said...

So awesome! Enjoy your Spring Break!!


JoAnn said...

Amazing! Our local library is having a peeps diorama contest. My daughter, under my guidance, is doing a scene from The Hunger Games. It is coming out really well.

Anonymous said...

Very, very impressive!

Michelle said...

Ha -- I looked for you but didn't find you at the "Peep Show" and now I know why! Thanks for the past links.

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