Wednesday, May 30, 2012

* Origami Peace Cranes Gift for Friends With Cancer

Today is my husband's 38th birthday. 
He has been cancer free for 18 years
and we have celebrated 17 cancer free birthdays 
since he finished his treatments. (This is our love story)
Every year is a gift. 

We have two family friends battling cancer right now.

They are both beautiful, kind, strong, and loving women. 
One is my very best mommy girlfriend - we've raised our babies 
and figured out motherhood together. 
The other, is a colleague of mine, we taught together 
and is now one of my daughter's favorite teachers - 
she is so funny and tough (but she's really a total softie!) 

"Peace Cranes" are said to represent hopefulness and peace 
in the Japanese tradition. 
There is a legend that when 1000 Origami cranes
are folded, a wish can be granted.

To help encourage and show our support 
for these two awesome women and their families, 
we folded Japanese peace cranes and made chains.

Each member of our family participated. 
We all folded cranes out of assorted Origami paper.
 Then,  we used rainbow yarn 
to string the cranes into rainbow chains with beads. 

Both chains were well received and filled with love.
We intend to keep folding cranes so we can get our wish
to heal our dear friends. 

Here is a link with instructions if you want to fold your own 

My oldest daughter "E", is teaching her third grade classmates
how to fold Origami cranes today at school (these are the posters she made.)

Lisa and Leslie, today's post is for you. 
Love and Light to both of you and your families.
Note: My dear friend, Lisa passed away the day after I published this post.
She will always live on in my heart. 

Never, Ever Give Up. 
I Believe!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea


Amy said...

Hi MaryLea,

I work with Geoff and he is a really great person - SO proud of his family. I have been absolutely loving your blog since I found out about it. Your creativity amazes me!

What a perfect gift for your friends. I am going to have to keep this in mind for the future as sadly I know people in similar situations.

Have a great day and thank you!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Amy, that really means a lot to me. : )


Liz Theivendran said...

What a lovely lovely idea to provide strength and support.

Blue Star Vermont said...

You brought tears to my eyes when I first read your love story. More tears this morning with this post. Your love touches the hearts of all of us. Thank you for this wonderful, uplifting blog.

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