Friday, June 29, 2012

* Tiny Tooth Fairy Package and Letter From Leafcutter Designs Review and Giveaway

We are BIG fans of all things TINY around here. 
We have a backyard filled with fairy gardens
and welcome regular visits from the Tooth Fairy. 

When my very talented, artist friends at Leafcutter Designs contacted me
about their World's Smallest Post Service, it was love at first site!
You can send tiny packages and tiny letters (even tiny invitations!) 
anywhere in the world.

The girls were delighted when our tiny package and letter arrived in the mail.

I took a photo with a dollar bill so you can get an idea of the scale.
The details are SO Adorable! 
Teeny Tiny stamps (love the snails) 
Tiny postage marks 
Little Labels and Stamps...
The attention to details is one of the things that makes this so fun
for Big and Little Kids. 

Click here to see their current line up of tiny packages!

Inside we found a note and a tiny compass from the tooth fairy.

Wrapped inside a tiny newspaper!

With tiny articles you can actually read if you have young eyes. 

Here's another view of the tiny Newspaper and tiny compass. 

Letters come packaged in a tiny glassine envelope with a wax seal
and a tiny magnifying glass (jeweler's loop) 
How cool would this be from your own tooth fairy? 
Their cards/letters come in 12 different designs and include your own custom message.
Did you see the tiny star confetti and wax seal on the envelope?! 

They make different packages and letters for various occasions.
And...they'll personalize it to say whatever you want.
I loved ours much, I ordered another package for my own
grandmother's upcoming 90th birthday next week! (shhh...don't tell her)

This is my very favorite product review I've ever done. 
I absolutely adore the attention to details by Lea and Devin!

Want some tiny mail of your own?
My generous friends at Leafcutter Designs are going to share their talent
and creativity with you in a giveaway.

Here's what you need to do: 
For your first entry
leave a comment 
on this post telling me your favorite package.

We'll pick three winners by random number generator.
They will send you a tiny package and a tiny letter. 
They ship internationally, so this giveaway is open to all!

For a second entry,
 leave a comment letting us know what kind of 
creative ideas you have for tiny objects and messages 
they should include in their new tooth fairy packages!

Make sure I have an email address for you in your comment
 so I can contact you if you're number is chosen, 
if I can't reach you, I'll have to pick someone else. 

Comments need to be left on this blog post (online), 
please don't send it to my email
or reply to me if you read this via subscription (RSS).

Three winners will be selected via random number generator 
and comments will be closed on 
Friday July 6, 2012 at 4pm EST

Pink and Green Mama

FYI. All opinions expressed are my own. 
I did not receive any financial compensation to write this post. 
My family did receive an adorable, personalized teeny tiny package
 and a teeny tiny letter from Leaf Cutter Designs. 


Laura said...

What a super cute idea! I love the "cute as a button" box, but I also think my boys would love the tiny compass.

Sonia said...

OH WOW!!! I LOOOOOOOVE itty bitty things! Read the "About Me" section on my blog... it mentions that I am overjoyed by itty bitty things ;).

It would be my delight to receive the itty bitty pear package!

Lady Coot said...

so cute!!! i love the notebook fabric in both the dinner party napkins and the embroidery! I better start planning for when the tooth fairy needs to visit our house!

cmiller said...

I have a little one turning three on july 12th. This is a fabulous idea to go along with her fairy garden. The gnome who lives in our tree will be so jealous when she opens her little package and finds a little surprise. It will provide for hours of mystical conversations. I think she would love the package with the tiny top.

Anonymous said...

I like the "go for it - take a chance" package -- great for a graduate, new job, big trip, so many things. nancywalters44@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

my idea -- an "I Miss You" package. what could the item be? a heart, a puzzle piece, a little watch/clock? nancywalters44@hotmail.com

Make it Simple 2 You said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Make it Simple 2 You said...

Love the package for the "happy couple" with the two glasses. Great for a wedding gift or to give to the guests at a wedding.


Kirsten said...

My daughter would love the compass. Personally, I think the seed earrings are delightful. What a fun business to run!

The Meek Moose said...

So awesome! I love tiny things too. For the packages, I have to say my two favorites were the flower bouquet and also the peanut. But ALL of them were adorable. But if I were to pick from their "things" list, the matchbox theater was the bomb! Especially since they also sell a blank one so you can make your own story. But the old fashioned medicine show? Hilarious!



The Meek Moose said...

As for an idea for the tooth fairy packages...ever read that wordless picture book ToothFairy? It shows the fairy using the tooth to make a key for her piano. That book has always stirred my imagination as to what a tooth fairy DOES with the teeth. And that could be a cute surprise in the box, right?

A little something that was white that looked like it was carved from a tooth (but not really, of course). Maybe instead of sending money it could be a tradition that the tooth fairy sent an item she made from the tooth. Or just the molars, since they are bigger. Little animals, or hearts, or what not- like what a tooth fairy would put as a bauble on her own mantle piece...


Falyn and Joyanne said...

Ooooo I am just so happy with all these itty bitty things! I have been doing similar letters from our tooth fairy but these are so professional and much tinier. I love the attention to detail and I can't wait to send some to friends and family and my 6 year old, who would be over the moon to receive the itty packages! Hard to pick a favorite, but the bouncy ball is fun, and the peanut too!

Falyn and Joyanne said...

There are so many small things you could send for kids that would be fun, tiny pad and tiny pencil for a kid graduation or start to school. Little stamper for valentines, or a message on a balloon for a birthday...really the ideas are endless and O so cute!

Kim Schadrack said...

Oh my gosh! I just ordered the "you light up my life" for my husband...anniversary next week! I also ordered the bouquet for a friend that just broke both ankles/feet. I am a preschool teacher, so I love tiny things!

Kim Schadrack said...

oops! forgot to add my email addie above. kimschadrack@att.net.

How about a tiny bird or wings for a graduation...time to soar, spread your wings and fly, etc

Unknown said...

I love the one with the earth balloon - that would be great as a get ready for kindergarten present for my daughter this fall. hollyvanhouten@yahoo.com

Sonia said...

As for my idea of what could go into one of those itty bitty packages, I think this would be cute.... a thimble. The little note could say something like "You are sew special."

Sonia said...

Totally forgot my email in both comments. It is


Sarah said...

I like the "Cheers to the happy couple!" box but I would have to say my girls would like the compass box. These are great!

Sarah said...

It would be fun for the tooth fairy box to include a little tooth pouch. For each tooth lost, our fairy gives out semiprecious gemstones (which you can get in big lots on ebay for fairly cheap). That would be cool as well.

Sonia said...

Love the wine glasses package.

Susan said...

Loved the "little peanut" package!

Butterfly said...

I love the little packages and want to send them to my Mum and Nanna, just to say "I love you!" ... I think the compass is very clever, and the world balloon too.


Butterfly said...

Other ideas for little packages would be assorted flower seeds (from little things big things grow), a miniature (tinker) bell, or a cute pencil top rubber (eg a cupcake).

Art Mama said...

I love the Earth Baloon - the idea of something big inside of something small - growth - all of that! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Dan and Sharon said...

I like I'm sorry

Dan and Sharon said...

how about a little lollipop for get well soon?

Still Playing School said...

Our favorite would probably be the bouncy ball.

Still Playing School said...

For the tooth fairy package, maybe he gift could be a small bottle of fairy dust?

Sheri said...

For a tooth fairy idea I am thinking a mini piggy bank with little coins (the size of Lego coins) would be cute.


Zoe Lee said...

These are so super adorable, love this idea. Love the:

zoe lee
madforfashion at aol.com

Zoe Lee said...

A cute little package could be a princess fairy with a tiny wand, tiara and slippers


Anonymous said...

My daughter is turning 6 this month and I would love to send her the tiny bouquet. I love the tinyness of these!



Anonymous said...

my daughter is starting to question the tooth fairy so a gift from her would be fun! maybe a tiny toothbrush?



Paula said...

We love the bouncy ball AND the world balloon. The balloons would have been so fun for the many graduations last month! These packages are so fun.
Thanks, Paula


Alexandra Gillette McStay said...

I so totally love the You're as cute as a button package!

Alexandra Gillette McStay said...

Another idea they could use is tiny sea stars - with a catch phrase like "there were stars in her eyes" or "you are as bright as star". I would totally love that :)

Anne said...

Love the graduation box! Thanks for introducing these to us -- what a fun gift to send to someone far away.

darce said...

I like the tiny block to welcome new baby package. So sweet and unique.

darce said...

How about fairy dust in the tooth fairy package?

Breanna S. said...

I think one with tiny shoes would be great for a girls first dance.

Robyn... Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

Oh my! This is fantastic! I can't decide if I like the button box or the top box better. SO WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Robyn... Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

What if there was a tooth fairy package filled with dental floss? Or maybe a packages with tiny charms?

Robyn... Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

forgot to include email


penny basset said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! I would 2 get the tiny light bulb! texaslonghorns@gmail.com

travis, i mean vic! said...

omg so cool I love them all but my face is the tiny light bulb! mvh0@att.net

lisa hefenbocher said...

I like the light bulb the best! 99bubba@yahoo.com

Kristen said...

We love the earth balloon.

Jennifer said...

I love those little seed earrings! While it's hard to pick one favorite tiny package, I think my daughter would love to receive the "bounce in my step" package from the tooth fairy when we lose the next tooth!


Jennifer said...

An idea for a tiny package - first day of school package with an apple or school bus eraser.

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