Monday, July 9, 2012

* Blog Organizer Notebook

Today I wanted to share my Blog Organizer Notebook system
with you because it's how I keep my sanity with my blog post schedule. 

For those of you who don't blog or don't care, 
this notebook can also be adapted into a Lesson Plan book 
for teachers, bible school teachers, and home schoolers
or as a household organizer notebook. 

For anyone else who is interested I'm sharing the system that works best for me.
I got this great notebook printable and system from my bloggy friend,
Beckie was one of the first bloggers I "met" during my first year of blogging. 
She held my hand and provided encouragement as I floundered 
and didn't know what I was doing,
 I will always be appreciative of that. 
Now her blog is ginormous and has a huge following and I'm so happy for her. 
She posted this great tutorial on how to make a blog organizer notebook
and I realized that it was a system I could actually use that would work for me!
Plus I'm left-handed and this system is lefty-friendly. : )

Rather than re-writing her whole post, 
I'm just going to show you my version
of her notebook that I made with HER printables.
If you click HERE, you'll see her whole post about the system 
including  a tutorial video showing you how her notebook works. 
You can see Beckie that way too --  Hi Beckie! 
(Note: Beckie has free printables to use it as a lesson plan book too!)

Beckie printed her pages and had them bound nicely into a custom notebook -- 
For my version, I just printed her pages then 
I used a glue stick for the glue-down pages
into a new spiral notebook - 
because I'm too cheap or lazy to do it her way! 

I hope this notebook system is as useful and handy for you as it is for me.
It has been a huge timesaver and I would be lost without mine!

Pink and Green Mama


imcraftingmyway said...

I blog and I found this from pinterest. Instead of using a notebook you could use a binder, then you can start with a few then print more as you need them. For the calendar you could just print one and put it in a slip cover that has the holes in it for binders then you just erase it every month, unless you want to keep track of what you did each month

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

That would work too!! Great idea, thanks for sharing : )

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