Friday, August 24, 2012

* Making Tiny Art With Kids

One things my girls love to do is make tiny art work.
Especially "C" (age 5) who loves all things tiny.

I cut some tiny 2" x 3" rectangles of watercolor paper
and left them in the art studio for her to make art with.
She made kitty paintings to hang inside her Rapunzel Tower Barbie House.

We also picked up these little tiny painter canvases at Walmart in their
craft aisle (even comes with the mini easel!) 

"C" made a mini Kandinsky Circles picture with permanent markers.
Then, she made this little portrait of "Rapunzel" with permanent 
markers and paint sticks. 

Here you can see her "Abstract" in her style.
I love it her mini art gallery!

Pink and Green Mama


Eljah*B said...

Hi MaryLea!
Thank you for this fabulous idea. I shared it on my Etsy shop fanpage. I am the owner of Eljah*B, and I love to give my fans ideas of how to facilitate memories as a family. This was a perfect idea. I invite you to stop by
Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Vic Lau said...

So cute! I gotta give this a try :)

mia rose said...

Your girls has the potential to be an artist. She knows her colors well and how to use it. Well done.
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