Monday, August 6, 2012

* Ocean Box Diorama

We're big fans of dioramas around here. 
I've been known to make peep dioramas at easter time. 
My very talented 9 year old daughter "E" loves to make dioramas for fun. 
If she has a chance to make one for a school project she'll leap at it 
but mostly, she just enjoys making them at home (for fun) in her own time. 
She asked if she can get a job as a grown-up making dioramas. 
I told her if there is, we might have to do it together!

After a recent trip to the big box discount club store, "E" scored this box
with the intention of bringing it home to make art. 
That's my girl!

She asked me to cut two circles she traced on the side of the box 
then she sent me kicked me out of the art studio so she 
could work in peace and be left alone. 

She glued the box to another piece of cardboard with the glue gun.
She used paper to block out the original box lettering
and she's now working on a sand and cardboard island for the top with plans
for a fishing boat "above the waterline" 

Here's the inside. 
She made coral out of pipe cleaners (chenille stems) 
yarn, and sponges with glue gun.
Her anemones are origami paper on wine corks (so clever!) 
She used some buttons too. 

I love the torn paper water waves on the back and sides, 
she spent a good part of an afternoon just gluing those in place.
She also used sandpaper for the ocean floor. 

Her polly pocket mermaids and playmobil sea creatures have been 
enjoying their new habitat!

Pink and Green Mama

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Penny wise said...

Awesome !!! I am 12 and love ur blog !!!! My bff made an awesome ocean box!!!!!! Tel "E" that sandwich bags (with no zippers ) make awsome jellyfish if you stuff the top with tissue paper, rubber band it off and glue googley eyes to it!!! That is all I have to say 4 now (hope I'm not being annoying ). The End.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Penny Wise -- not annoying at all and "E" is excited to try your jelly fish idea. Thanks!

: ) MaryLea

Sheri said...

I loved dioramas when I was young too! Anything multimedia was up my alley. I didn't have access to an awesome art studio though, so they weren't quite as good as E's :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Mine weren't this cool either Sheri- E is quickly passing me as the artist of the house! : )

Vic Lau said...

I love it! It's so cute and creative.

Just wondering...since your children create a lot of art, where do you store of them? I find I have trouble with a storage system for all of my 2 year olds creations and there's so many years to come!

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