Wednesday, September 5, 2012

* Making Over Boring School Supplies With Colorful Washi Tape!

This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of back to school 
clearance sales on school and office supplies.
 I always stock up on new glue and markers in August and September. 
Yes, I hoard office products and art supplies.

Earlier in August, we shared our washi tape wrapped pencil makeover with you.
Boring pencils before washi tape makeover.

Adorable after of re-made (embellished) pencils!

The girls have really been enjoying our washi tape and colored skinny masking tape supply.
I recently spruced up my home office and decided I needed to make over
some boring office supplies (especially my file folders!) 

For the glue bottles and glue sticks, I just peeled off the wrappers.

And added some colorful tape!

See my plain boring file folders. 
Add a few stripes of colorful washi tape and...

Ahh....that's better. Cute, right?!
I wrote the file names in black sharpie on the tape and now I can easily change
my labels by pulling off the tape and adding a new piece on the tab!
I got my washi tape on Etsy and online but you can find it at the craft store now too
in the scrapbooking and sticker departments. 

I believe Elmer's glue is even making some now -- 
I should have asked them to pay me for this little makeover idea with their glue bottles!

I wrapped a glue bottle, a ruler, and a tiny notebook from the dollar store.

Everything is better in my world 
with rainbows and happy patterns!

Pink and Green Mama

Helpful Tip: I recommend wrapping pencils and darker notebooks
with a bit of plain masking tape first to help the transparent washi tape show up better
(and hide ugly printed words and patterns) 


Stephanie said...

MaryLea this is only the most amazing idea ever! I keep seeing the tape and thinking "I NEED this" but I cant think of what I need it for! Now I know! ;) Oh and I am glad that I am not the only one who hoards office supplies this time of year! :)

Mom WordPress Theme said...

That's such a cool way to dress up school supplies - my daughter will love the project!

Di said...

Love love love it! Hope I can find it here in Nz! Will show my friend who will totally love it too!

jojoebi said...

these are super cute, I have stuck washi tape on assorts of things but it never crossed my mind to do pencils!

thanks for sharing.

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

I have been seeing this tape all over Pinterest but have never used it yet. Is it just like colorful masking tape? do you know if it's at Michael's or other craft stores.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hi Vicky,

Yes, it is like skinny printed masking tape. You can find it in the scrapbook area at the craft store or online from Etsy.

Happy Crafting!

- MaryLea

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