Sunday, October 7, 2012

* Colorful Fall Craft: Paint Sample Leaves

The leaves here in Virginia have begun to change colors and fall from the trees.
The girls and I have been collecting them while we walk our new dog, "Pippi"
(I'll share more about her later!)
We pressed a bunch of leaves last week and got some of them 
out this weekend to trace onto some paint samples. 
We decided to make our own "colorful" leaves -- with a RAINBOW twist!

We started by tracing a few leaves onto paint samples with pencil
but quickly figured out that erasing the lines after cutting them out was a pain
in the tush so we moved on to plan "B."

Tracing the pressed "real" leaves onto the 
backside of the paint samples was much easier!
That way we didn't have to erase the lines after we cut them out. 

The girls and I all had fun cutting out our fall paint sample leaves. 
"C" has really great scissor skills for a 5 year old, I think it's because
we've always let her work away alongside us since she was just a little stink.

Pardon the dark photos, it has been rainy and overcast here all weekend
so the art studio is a bit gloomy.

Good thing we have "Happy Scraps" to add a bit of color to the art studio. 

Such happy colors and organic shapes on the art table!

Fall leaves make me happy and these make me super happy.

Now we just need to decide what to do with them...
Any ideas?

Pink and Green Mama

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Dara said...

string them together and use as a fall garland!

Emily@crunchyhousehold said...

Cute idea! Always wanting to do something fun with leftover paint chips.

Vic Lau said...

I love the idea! How about using them to make a tree?

Vic Lau said...

or maybe counting, sorting, patterning?

Anu Ganesh said...

Very cute!! Love the colors that you have chosen.

Anonymous said...

this is off topic but if you take the sticker design studio stickers and draw faces on the food stickers and stick them on Easter eggs it looks really cute

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