Thursday, November 1, 2012

* Halloween 2012 Update: Little Red Riding Hood and a Japanese Princess

Halloween was a strange this year.
It was on a Wednesday. First day back to school
after being closed for two days for Hurricane Sandy.
This happy kid's holiday filled with costumes, class parties, and candy
following a very scary and anxious few days of waiting through a major storm
and watching news coverage of the devastation and aftermath with a broken heart. 
Our power was back on - no trees fell on our house
and we didn't have any flood or water damage. 
We were VERY grateful for that.

It is so hard to see others suffering right now in the wake of this storm. 
It feels silly posting photos of my kids in their costumes.
We were so lucky to be safe and be able to celebrate halloween. 

Our biggest complaint was that we didn't get our pumpkins carved
and I spent the morning scrambling to help some other moms pull off
 a great Kindergarten halloween Party. 
I'll take that as the worst of my problems ANY day. 
I feel SO. Very. Grateful.
My heart goes out to anyone reading this who was not as
fortunate as we were in this monster of a storm. 
 With that, I'll share a few photos from the day of my girls.
They loved getting dressed up and seeing their friends at school.

"C" went to school dressed as Little Red Riding Hood
and "E" wore her homemade DIY Monster Shirt

"C" and her kindergarten friends enjoyed a school-wide storybook parade
and class party in the afternoon.

"E" was very excited about her costume this year, she wanted to be a Japanese Princess.
She fell in love with it since her favorite Barbie dolls 
are her collectible Japanese Princess Barbies and she wanted to look like one of them. 
I did her make up with my Klutz Facepaint and she loved it. 

Almost there. 

All Finished! 

Cutie pie little girls ready to go trick or treating!

We did have candy and the girls had costumes. 
They had a blast trick-or-treating with daddy and a group of neighborhood friends.
I got to stay home and hand out candy with Pippi (our dog.) 
Life is good. We are grateful.
I started November, my birth month, this morning feeling very thankful indeed. 
Hoping you all had a happy and safe halloween this year too!

Pink and Green Mama

P.S. The following note is for the 1% of my readers who 
will be offended by my daughter's costume and feel the need to write to me about it:
Please don't send me hate mail about my daughter's costume telling me 
that it's not politically correct or that it's offensive.
She loved it. She picked it out. She felt beautiful and she was.
Halloween in our house is for our kids and for them to have fun.
If you want to send me hate mail find a different hobby, 
there are bigger issues going on in the world right now that you could be spending
your time and energy on. 

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Green Owl Mama said...

Beautiful! You are such an awesome mom! I love seeing all of your ideas.
P.S. Way to be ahead of the game on your note to the 1%! Hehe...I recently got bullied into removing a post and this makes me rethink it. It was homemade face paint for heavens sake! ;)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Green Owl Mama!
I was bullied last year with some seriously nasty and mean emails by a reader who didn't like the post I put up last fall about my girls playing "Indian Princesses" in their homemade fleece costumes with a teepee in our family room. Their pretend play day that I documented in the post offended her and I was lectured about how teepees or "tipis" wouldn't be in my area of the east coast. Seriously? Um. Okay. Some people just need to lighten up. : )


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe you had to bother writing that disclosure statement about your daughter's costume. I think it's beautiful -- in fact, we're studying Japan right now & I can't wait to show my son.

People are odd, aren't they? My goodness, my son plays dress up at least 50% of every day and it's usually someone from history or another culture. I can't imagine anyone bullying me on my blog b/c of a child's imaginative play.


Well...I LOVE your daughters' costumes...esp. the Japanese Princess! :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Jessica! : )

Raina said...

I am studying the Japanese language.

Hai! That means yes,and by that I mean AWSEOME COSTUMES!

Jeannie Sophia said...

I love your daughters' costumes! I have been studying Japanese culture and art recently and presented a class on Japanese art history to children. There is nothing at all wrong with your daughter's costume. I would think that it would be a compliment to Japanese culture. She looks very beautiful and its wonderful that she loves beautiful Japanese things. I am part Native American and I remember your post about playing in the teepee and I never thought a thing about it other than what wonderful imaginative play! I absolutely love your blog and it has given me much inspiration for my classes and also projects I do with my own kids. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thank you Jeannie, that means a lot to me! : )


Devon said...

I just wanted to say that it's great that your children were able to experience such a fun part of childhood after having deal with such a horrible event. I also wanted to say that I loved your note to the 1%! People are way too sensitive about everything these days. Everything has to be so "politcally correct" or someone gets their panties in a wad. Lighten up people!

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