Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pet Rock Valentines: Homemade Valentine Cards For School Friends

This year "E" made pet rock valentines to give to all of her school friends. 
We were inspired by this post at Little Loveables. 
"E"wanted to make them her own way so she used some of my stamps
to stamp green and pink card stock with a "Hello" bubble and a red heart. 

Then she glued her pet rocks to the Valentine and hand wrote a note to each friend. 
I picked up googly eyes and a bag of decorative rocks at Michaels Craft Store. 

Such a big girl using the glue gun! 

Loved her tray of pet rocks in progress!

She can't wait to bring them to school tomorrow! 
Happy Valentine's Day -- You Rock! 

Pink and Green Mama


Staying Crafty said...

These are adorable! My kids will go nuts for this idea :) Thanks so much for sharing.

Brooke said...

These are super cute. I have only recently found your wonderful blog, but have already put many of your wonderful ideas into use with my five year old daughter. We LOVE to do art and create around here, and your ideas are fantastic! Really enjoy reading here, and look forward to more great inspiration as I continue to explore!

jk said...

Oh my! I love these!! Will have to hold onto this idea for another year :)

Jen said...

so cute! Was it hard for her not to burn her fingers with the glue gun and the little eyeballs? just curious..my girls are pretty good with it usually.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

That's a great question Jen and I almost put that in the post. E has had a lot of practice with the glue gun, she sets it up by herself now and can use it without my assistance. I asked her if she burned her fingers and she said "A little bit mom, but no big deal and that happens everytime you use a glue gun" Like mother, like daughter! With younger children you could use craft glue like Aleene's tacky glue or Elmer's.


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