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Save 20% on Ellie Work Out Clothes Review - Activewear That Is Cute and Comfy!

Sponsored Post Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own and truthful. 
This post does contain paid links. 

When my awesome friends at Ellie offered me the opportunity to be an 
my first thought was, "Yay, I love Yoga Pants, I wear them everyday!" 
Then, I thought, wait... does that mean I have to actually post photos of myself wearing workout clothes? (Insert cold sweat and panic attack here.) Can we just use the cute model lady from their website and say she's me? You guys know I don't really work out, right?! 
I try to run when the weather's nice (which is something like 10 times a year here) 
but the rest of the year my "workout" is: "walking" the dog, "running" and "shuttling" the kids to and from the bus stop, "running" errands, "working" in my art studio, 
and "sitting on my butt" in front of the computer.

I agreed to be an ambassador for the following reasons:

* All of the Ellie clothes are made in the USA. 

* Ellie pays attention to the details. 
They use special stitching and colors in places to create a lean shape.
Their colors are cute and they have fun little details like mesh, or cute work out bra straps
so you can mix your workout clothes in with your everyday wear.
I can layer their bras and tanks with my everyday tank tops and I'm planning 
to wear my running pants to Disney this spring!

* High Quality workout clothes should be affordable.
All of their clothing uses the most technical materials and stitching available but 
are offered at a price that won't break the bank like some other 
overpriced "luxury" activewear brands.

* High Tech Fabric
Their Dry Flex fabric has 4-way stretch, moisture wicking breathability, 
anti-mocrobial properties, and UV protection. 
It also keeps it's shape - no more saggy butts or knees.

* Their clothes fit AND flatter. 
Their Tru-Fit technology keeps all of their sizes consistent 
so everything you order from them in your size will fit, every month, every time. 

* They test all of their clothes on different body types and shapes to make sure 
they're flattering in all the right places so you can look and feel great! 

* Fit Fashionista Club
It's fun to get a new outfit that is flattering every month.
Each month, they feature a new 24-piece collection (16 tops and 8 bottoms every month)
with a mix of high-tech work out clothes and lifestyle pieces that will only be available for that month. 
The March collection is called the Little Black Collection and it's adorable!

As a FCC Member, you have exclusive access to specially designed clothing
that is only available to club members. 
You get two pieces from that month's collection (at any price) for $49.95/month. 

*Fast Shipping and Easy Returns

So when this super cute, pink shiny envelope arrived with my brand new Ellie outfit
that was selected for me based on my Ellie Style Profile and sizes,
I was excited to try them on but panicked at the thought of how to actually show the clothes to you.

I tried on my new pants first. They're called the Kiss Me Capri from the February collection.
I love them. My butt is actually "perky"in them. (I think I may start wearing them under my jeans!) 
They are super comfy, they hold in all of my jiggles and do you see that cute little pink and black and mesh waistband -- How fun is that? Love the little details on my Ellie clothes.
They accentuate my curves but hold in my muffin-top  = score!
They are the cutest pair of work out pants in my closet right now and the most flattering.
I can actually wear these to the bus stop or grocery store and not be embarrassed - 
posting photos for all of you here on my blog is a different story, that is completely humiliating!!!

From the February Ellie collection
I'm wearing the Kiss Me Capri and Truth or Dare Tank in Carbon.
I decided to try a full body shot of the whole look but I couldn't trust one of my kids not to wiggle the camera, so I did the teenage-girl-in-the-bathroom-mirror-for-twitter-style photo shoot.
Hubby and the girls think my new ensemble is cute. 
I can't wait to go run in it, but I'm waiting for warmer weather first! 

In the meantime, I'll be wearing my workout clothes for what I do best...
sitting at the computer and "working" in my home office!

Want some super cute and flattering workout clothes of your own?
You know you do! 

Go try them for yourself and I think you'll love them as much as I do! 

Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

Disclosure: All opinions expressed are my own and the truth.
This post does contain affiliate links to help this mama earn a living,
and I do receive super cute work out clothes as an Ellie brand ambassador.


Green Owl Mama said...

Oh how you gave me a laugh this morning! As soon as I saw the subject of this post I thought "Wow, MaryLea is brave..." Then I kept reading and LOL a few times.
But, I must say, you look amazing and now I think I need to go shop on Ellie! Enjoy your "work out!"

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Oh! I'm in the market for new work-out clothes (and ones that AREN'T made in China!)!!! PS. I wish I looked as good as you! :-) You look fabulous!!!!!
(now if I could only get motivated to do something about this expat weight gain.....)

LM said...

Pink & green mama looks very gorgeous... Don't be shy you are a knockout--- ask the girls, they'll agree w me about their mama! :))

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Not what I visit your site to see. Will visit less often and hope for better content.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thank you Green Owl Mama, Astrid and LM, I appreciate the love and support!

As for you stinky pants, meanie Anonymous commenter, feel free to move on and never read my blog again. You're not really welcome here.

Have a great day!


Tricia Orchard said...

I agree with you about Anonymous. Don't bother coming back. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Shame on you for being so rude!

I think you look great and the clothes look comfy and cute!

Deana said...

Your blog is how you express yourself..it is supposed to be about your life. Ignore anyone who tries to bring you down by posting nasty comments. Apparently they were never taught "Do on to others as you would have them do on to you" as well as "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" I follow you on facebook and had to see what someone could have commented so negatively on. They are being petty. I think you look great!

Joel D said...

Good, I am glad you like it. Keep the motivation level highI appreciate this posting. Very nice indeed!

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