Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Windowsill Garden For Children with DIY Flower Pots Using Mod Podge Washout and Apple Barrel Paints #plaidkidscrafts

Spring weather always beckons my children into our backyard but lately we've been experiencing some chilly temperatures and "rain delays!" The girls have been eyeing all of the beautiful bulbs and flowers for sale at the garden center and begging to buy some for our own yard. I was hoping we could find a way to bring some spring indoors. When Blue Print social sent us some some Mod Podge Washout and  Apple Barrel paint in cute spring colors to play with, I knew this little playroom windowsill garden would be the perfect cure for our springtime wanna-be gardening blues!

We picked up some terra cotta pots and dishes at our local garden store and the girls painted them with the Apple Barrel paint. The girls picked yellow (Banana) and green (Lime Tree) paint for their pots. We love their all-purpose acrylic craft paint for our family projects because it cleans up with soap and water (while wet) and Apple Barrel paint comes in so many pretty colors!

The coverage on this paint is great, it only took two coats to cover the terra cotta pots nicely and it dried quickly - a plus when you're working with kids who are impatient and want to move on to the next step!

After the paint dried on the flower pots, we cut the bird and flower shapes out of some decorative paper napkins I picked up at Ikea and applied them to the flower pots with Mod Podge Washout. It's the same great formula as "regular" Mod Podge Gloss but it washes out of clothing and furniture with soap and water, even when it's dry. This will be my new "go-to" Mod Podge for kid's projects. It is great for moms and teachers!  

We also Mod Podged the top edge of the flower pot with some botanical leaf print paper napkins we found in a drawer. Blue napkins on the yellow pots and orange/hot pink napkins on the green pots.

HELPFUL HINT: Whenever you Mod Podge decorative paper napkins to a craft surface, make sure you separate all of the layers of tissue - the image is printed on the top layer and there are usually at least three or four layers on the napkin to pull apart. Paint the area with Mod Podge, press on the napkin and gently dab another layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it.

The girls really love their new playroom windowsill garden. When the bulbs are done flowering, we're going to plant them in the yard and try growing some other green kitchen garden goodies like an "avocado" pit tree, lemon seeds, and scallions. We're bringing science, art, and nature to our playroom! A special thank you to my friends at Plaid Enterprises for sharing such fun art supplies with us, we have another project coming up with Apple Barrel Paint and Mod Podge Washout that I can't wait to share with you! 
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Happy Spring Crafting! 

Pink and Green Mama

This post was written as part of a campaign with The Blueprint Social,
but I really DO like Mod Podge Washout and Apple Barrel Paints!
As always, all opinions are my own.


Laura said...

They're beautiful! I love the spring colors & especially the birds from the Ikea napkins. I have the same print in a tray - it's such a fun print.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Laura, we have that tray too - just couldn't help myself, it's adorable! The napkins were super easy to add to our flower pots too- that's why we love Mod Podge!

Cathy said...

Hi! Those are adorable! So colorful! What is your trick for getting the paint to adhere to the clay pots after they have been filled with soil and the plants are watered? Do you put a coating of something on the inside of the pots? Use a liner? I did something similar but the children's work washed away as the clay pots absorb the water...

Cathy said...

oops! sorry I just had a closer look and see you did use a liner pot!

katepickle said...

oh these are gorgeous! Pinning so I can remember the next time we need to make a gift!

teachmama said...

ML--I swear we're meant to be bff's--same napkins here--just that you'd be the cool one and I'd be the copycat following you around all the time.

Anonymous said...

How long would you say it took from the time the girls began to paint to the time they could mod podge the napkins on? I'm trying to figure out if we can accomplish this craft in my 1.5 hr craft class.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

The paint dried pretty quickly, I would say we applied the second coat immediately and the whole thing was dry in 20-30 minutes. Don't apply it too thickly! I think you could pull it off in an hour and a half. I would have something small for the kids to do while they wait for paint to dry like cut out napkins and wash up paint brushes!


Amy Anderson said...

These are precious! They look way cuter than something I would make! :D

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

LOL! Thanks Amy, I'm sure yours would be cute too, I bet you'd add some buttons or bottle caps to it!

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