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Inkjet Printer Craft: Display Kid's Art with DIY Shadow Boxes @Staples

Full disclosure, Staples provided me with this HP Envy to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. To see their full line of HP printers,visitStaples.com

My kid's generate a lot of great art work. They are prolific artists with daily access to art supplies in our home art studio. Drawing is one of their favorite things to do -- the girls can usually be found drawing after breakfast and at the kitchen table while I'm fixing dinner. My refrigerator is covered in artwork that we share regularly with friends, family, and neighbors but,
 I'm always looking for new ways to show off some of those extra special pieces of art! 

"C" (my 6 year old) is really into the Rainforest and large cats right now. 
She draws these rainforest and jungle scenes regularly. 
"E" (my 10 year old) loves the ocean and has a particular fondness for squids. 

When my generous friends at Staples sent us a beautiful new
the girls and I had a great time brainstorming new ways to incorporate it into our art-making! 

She (Yes, we think our HP ENVY  printer is a SHE) 
looks very pretty sitting next to my computer here on my desk! 

It was easy to set up, we just plugged her in and she found my computer immediately. 
 I do have to admit the 10 year old had it up and running and was printing out her homework with it before I even got a chance to try it - that's how user friendly she is. 
Staples even sent us one of their "EASY" buttons. The girls think it's hilarious
to push the button and hear the voice say, "That Was Easy!" 

For this project, we made color copies of the girl's original artwork on white card stock paper.
I printed 2-3 copies of each drawing so we could cut out different layers and parts.

pink and green mama blog

Then we raided the kitchen recycling and cut the side off of two cereal boxes
to create shadow box frames. I was planning to gesso and paint them but my brilliant 10 year old suggested that we use decorative duct tape to cover the outside -- that was EASY! 

pink and green mama blog

pink and green mama blog

Then we painted the inside of both boxes with a quick layer of washable craft paint. 
The paint dried within 15-20 minutes. 

pink and green mama blog

While we waited for the paint to dry, we cut out all of the little pieces of their copied drawings.

pink and green mama blog

Then it was time to start gluing. 

pink and green mama blog

We started with Elmer's glue but realized it would be faster and easier to just use
a glue gun so that's what we did. Start by gluing the back layers of your drawing and critters
to the back of the cereal box (make sure your paint is dry first!) 

pink and green mama blog

Then to make everything 3-D and help it pop out, we glued white pony beads 
between the layers of copied artwork and drawings to create little bead sandwiches. 
Bigger pieces of the drawing needed more beads.

pink and green mama blog

pink and green mama blog

It looks really neat with the layers of artwork peeking through...
the girls loved it and so did their mama! 

pink and green mama blog

"E"s adorable squid and coral. 

pink and green mama blog

"C"s three toed sloth and tiger in the Rainforest - so friendly!

pink and green mama blog

The end results look awesome. The girls can't wait to make more!

pink and green mama blog

Right now they're on a shelf in our playroom but we may mount them to the wall. 
I could see a whole gallery wall of kid's art displayed this way with 3-D 
vases of flowers, animals, self portraits, and landscapes! 
I love the way we preserved the original artwork by making copies with our inkjet printer
and found a fun new way to display the girls' artwork! 

So grateful to my friends at Staples for our fun new toy - 
we've got lots of new inkjet printer craft ideas brewing! Thank you!

pink and green mama blog

Happy Shadow Box Making! 

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Laura said...

They're beautiful! This is perfect - we needed a project for a super hot & humid stay inside day today.

Eve said...

Argh..my husband crushed a cereal box today. I want to do this! Now I need to get lots of cereal because we will all want to make one! Love it.

Shauna said...

I love how your shadow boxes turned out. Brilliant idea of using the Pony Beads to make the artwork 3D. Your daughter's artwork is wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing!

Court Dan said...

Love it and I pinned it to my craft board so we can do it later. My kids too have a overabundance of art that needs to get used!

Crafty Homeschool Mama said...

Beautiful work, girls! We'll be studying Zoology this coming year (flying creatures first, then swimming creatures...).
Def. pinning these to my science boards, Mary Lea
Thanks for the inspiration

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