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Ravensburger Mandala Designer Kit Review and Aquarelle Kit GIVEAWAY!

Sponsored Post Disclosure: I received compensation from Ravensburger to write this post.
All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of Ravensburger. 

My generous friends at Ravensburger 
sent us some super FUN craft kits to play with this summer! 
We spent many beautiful summer afternoons  and mornings
decorating the driveway with colorful chalk and our Mandala Designer! 

The plastic stencil was completely manageable for the girls. 
"E" my 10 year old led the project and "C" my 6 year old was her assistant. 
They worked together nicely and their Mandalas turned out beautifully! 

The girls had fun embellishing the perimeter of each Mandala they made
and even made some free-form designs with a couple of our hoola-hoops! 

Their final projects made our driveway very colorful and several neighbors
stopped by on walks to comment on their handy-work. 

Ravensburger also sent us two of their beautiful Aquarelle liquid watercolor kits
to play with - we received a Dolphin set and a Fairy set. 

"E" got to work right away mixing her color palette with the liquid watercolors from the kit. 
It comes with a color mixing "recipe" sheet. 

It brought back fun memories of one of our favorite food color-mixing activities
from when the girls were little. They loved mixing their own watercolors! 

Each kit includes 4 pieces of heavy watercolor paper pre-printed with 
the designs in raised white ink. 
Reminds me of when I used to use embossing powder with my stamps! 
The raised white lines show you where to paint and help keep the colors separate. 

"C" my 6 year old enjoyed it at first, but quickly lost interest and got frustrated
by the small size of the pattern and handed me her painting to finish. 

"C"s half-finished watercolor in progress. 
Lots of tiny details make a beautiful finished project, 
but may frustrate younger or impatient artists. 

My oldest daughter, "E" (age 10) loves the Aquarelle kits 
and has gone back to work on them several times.

She is a bit more patient (read: Type A personality) and enjoys tiny details! 
She also loves watercolors so it was a perfect fit for her. 
This is a great art activity for Tweens and Teenagers. 

"E"s finished watercolor is below. 

Want a chance to make your own beautiful watercolors? 
Ravensburger and I are giving away one Aquarelle kit (your choice of Dolphin or Fairy).
Just use the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win your own! 

Pink and Green Mama,

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Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball said...

I think my resident artist would really enjoy the Dolphin set. That looks like so much fun, plus it seems like a great jumping off point for further explorations!

Jayne Gammons said...

LOVE the Mandala stencils...adding it to my mandala pinterest board and wish list. Jayne
Smart Kids
ABCs of Reading

Rachel A. said...

Those look so fun! We'd love to win. :)
rlam at umn dot edu

Rachel A. said...

We'd probably choose the fairy, but they both look great.

Natalie F said...

Oh, Aquarelle kits look so gorgeous. Your girls did a great job!

noreen said...

It is so hard to pick, the fairies (elves) are beautiful as are the dolphins. They would love both but I am going to pick ....the fairies :) I think

Anonymous said...

dolphins! and I love that mandala kit. thank you for the giveaway. nancywalters44@hotmail.com

Julie @ my tiny bookworm said...

Gorgeous! Both look like so much fun. The watercolour pieces are beautiful.

Andrea said...

I like the dolphin. Thanks for the chance to enter.

Andrea D.

Beautiful Disaster said...

I like them both but would choose the dolphins so both my children could enjoy them.
Thanks :-)

lorih824 at yahoo dot com

Miriam Prantner said...

These look so cool! I would pick fairy because I think my girls would like that best

Kari said...

My girls would love the Fairy set. Such great ideas! Kari

Mom2Ivy said...

My daughter would love the fairy kit!

Faye said...

Coloring mandalas are a huge hit in my home daycare. I have various design levels from easy to more detailed for my mixed-age group. While some education experts express that coloring inside of lines limit a child's creativity, I find that choosing color combinations to create different styles of mandalas is a child's unique creativity. I would love to include the outdoor mandala stencil kit to my collection. The daycare children already love to draw with chalk outdoors and this kit would encourage peers working together while creating. Thanks, MaryLea, for introducing these kits!

kelly thompson said...

gotta go with dolphin

Crafty Homeschool Mama said...

We neeeeed the dolphin watercolor set!!!! :D Thanks for the fun giveaway <3

knitting mama said...

the dolphin one is so pretty!

jaye said...

These stencils are so cool! I can't pick a favorite. Would love to have both!

Simmons Family said...

I love them both but would probably pick dolphins so my son and daughter would both paint.

Margaret said...

Those paintings are beautiful. Watercolor was always my favorite in art class. I would choose Fairy. My daughter really loves fairies right now. :)

Laura said...

My older son would love the dolphin set!

Melissa said...

My artistic daughter would love these. They look like lots of FUN!

Raziya Swan said...


Heather said...

This looks wonderful! we would choose fairy kit, but both are lovely!

Anne said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

Julie V. said...

My 10 year old daughter would love the dolphin set.

Goose and Bug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goose and Bug said...

Oops didn't see we were supposed to pick a set when I commented!
My little girl would flip for the dolphin one. She had a long time fairy obsession but lately has been all about animals :)

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