Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy's Play Room - My Art Studio

My friend Michelle over at Sweet Mady's Paper has been blogging about studio space for the past two days and discussing how to organize your own mommy play room. As a former teacher I've found that you can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can't take the classroom (e.g. the OCD need to label and organize everything neurosis) out of the teacher. What would I do without closets, kitchen cabinets, a playroom and my studio to micro manage?!

So I'm going to share my own little secret...Now that the Frog Princess is back to school (and Mini-Saurus still takes faithful daily naps, god bless her!) I have been sneaking off in the afternoons to my favorite room in the house, my art studio to play. It's where I go to paint, scrapbook, collage, draw, sew, and make mixed media pieces. It is also where I allow my girls to play and explore with tempera and acrylic paint, play-doh, sculpey, scrapbooking, collage, watercolor, oil pastels, etc.

In our house the best space for my art studio happened to be the "formal living room" Who needs another room full of couches you never sit on? We also made our "formal dining room" the playroom because that's more useful for our family than a space to eat in twice a year -- we just don't entertain that way - I'm a potluck and football or grilling out in the back yard kind of girl! I have two big kitchen islands from Ikea in there, as well as some long tables in the middle perfect for spreading out fabric and scrapbooking crops. I also have lots of shelves and cabinets (with doors for the uglies) for all of the stuff you need to make your masterpieces. I converted an antique armoire into the craft cabinet for all of the girl's stuff and they have their own small table and easel for their projects.

If you don't have room to do something like this in your own home I hope I can inspire to you carve out your own little crafty oasis even if it's a closet, a corner of a rarely used guest room, a converted old tv/clothing armoire some little place that is just yours, you deserve it. I always read about how important it is to give children a space to be creative and make messes even if it's just a rolling cart or kitchen cabinet to store art and craft materials. I think this is very important however I also think that we mommies need our own craft and art spot, you have to nurture your inner artist (your inner child) and play so you don't lose your self in your other roles of adulthood/motherhood/partnership. It's completely worth it and so much fun. I would love to hear about your own special space in your home.

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