Friday, November 14, 2008

Make Your Own Zero-Calorie Cookie Plate

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but if you want to make your own goodies this Christmas season now is the time. This cookie plate won't add an inch to your thighs this Christmas. But the cookies you put on it might. Especially if you leave Santa Oreos like we do...I think there is a rule that you have to eat the whole row in one sitting (like Thin Mints) We built our own plate from scratch using clay at our local paint your own pottery-type store when she was 4 and half years old. But, you could just as easily glaze a plain (pre-made) plate with your little one. Or...find one of those paint a plate at home craft kits at your local craft store. You could even get super-dooper crafty and make your own with Sculpey clay and cook it in your home oven.

The Frog Princess and I made this plate using clay coils to form a basic plate shape. Then, we rolled out flat slabs of clay (like a pancake) and cut out cookie shapes with real cookie cutters and attached them around the perimeter like a wreath. After a bisque firing in the kiln we came back to the store and painted it with glaze followed by one more trip through the kiln and voila! Fabulous homemade cookie plate for Santa's cookies every Christmas eve (and a display for mommy's China hutch the rest of the year)

The following year, she painted a Santa mug to go with it. Alas, I love it so much I'm afraid to put it in our regular coffee mug rotation (I'm afraid it will get broken) so instead it holds candy canes in my hutch.

Ho-ho-ho...happy early crafting!

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