Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Sew Tea Towel Kitchen Curtains

My grandmother embroidered these beautiful tea towels for me when I married my sweet husband 10 years ago. Each one has a little pot of herbs. They match my compost crock perfectly. I've kept them in a drawer in my studio hoping to put them to some great artsy use because I didn't want them to get stained in my kitchen. I thought about using them in a quilt (I'm still planning to do that with some of my other embroidered tea towels) but then I saw this really cute curtain idea in Better Homes and Gardens a few months ago and had my "a-ha!" moment. They provide some much needed privacy from the neighbors now that our leaves are down for the winter.

All I did was hang a cafe rod across the kitchen window and use curtain rings with clips to fold over and clip up my cute little towels. I love the fact that they are no-sew and I can change them for the holidays.

Now, I think about my grammy while I'm doing dishes at the sink and remember her pot roast and zucchini bread, picking vegetables in her garden, watching her sew adorable little clothes for my Barbies and baby dolls, looking through family photo albums together, and best of all her warm hugs. It's such a simple reminder and fills my heart with joy.

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