Thursday, December 18, 2008

* Do You Have a Fairy In the House? Custom Spice Jar Labels To Make Mealtime Fun for Kids

The Frog Princess made this adorable label with self adhesive white office label paper to convert one of my half empty cinnamon spice bottles into a new and improved Fairy Dust bottle. It contains a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and has made breakfast time a bit more exciting in a "fancy nancy" way. I got this fabulous idea from Megan's Blog Plum Pudding. She made a whole set of these "Sprinkle Jars" with her kids to spice up their mealtimes and I think it's a fantastic idea. Go check out her post and see her kid's adorable artwork on their labels.

What a fun way to get your kids to try new foods. She has much healthier things like wheat germ, flax seeds, sesame seeds, pepper, nutmeg, etc. A harmless way to give them a little more control at meal time and anything that prevents a battle is something I'll add to my playbook any day.

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