Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Photo Mobile

Different from the "Bat Mobile"... this is a "Baby Photo Mobile"

I printed out photos of the mommy and daddy-to-be
(with assistance from the grandmas-to-be)
to make this easy and cute centerpiece over my kitchen table.

To make the mobile, I used the same scrapbook paper I made the invitations with -- white on one side and stripes/paisley design on the other. Using my printer, I ran the paper through white side up to print the scanned photos, trimmed them on my 12-inch paper cutter, and used my favorite Creative Memories corner rounder to give them a softer look. Then, I just hung them from my Ikea light using ribbon from my craft stash.

I'm thinking this would be really cute for holidays and family birthdays around here...I may have unknowingly started a new tradition! Do any of you deck out your chandeliers for holidays or birthdays?

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