Monday, January 26, 2009

Do Not Eat This Diaper Cake

So this is my first ever attempt at making a diaper cake.
It will serve as a centerpiece at my sister-in-law's upcoming baby shower.
And... as my main gift (read: two birds, one stone)

I found directions online at Plan-the-Perfect-Baby-
Yes, it's a real website.
The directions are simple and they have lots of photos of other people's cakes.

The Frog Princess loved rolling the little diapers into mini-diaper-egg-rolls.
She even learned how to fasten rubber bands around them.
I LOVED smelling the newborn diapers baby powder smell.
Lots of olfactory memories for me.

Yes, some of you may grumble that I didn't use chlorine-free or cloth diapers.
I used what I thought my sister-in-law would like and what I used on my own kids.

Up next, more shower stuff.

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