Monday, March 30, 2009

Art History Lesson: Mehndi Hand Art from India

This month we studied the Art of India.
I decided to do two projects with the Kindergarten class since
I was in there on the Frog Princess' birthday.

We made Mehndi Hand designs
by tracing hands on construction paper
and drawing "henna designs"
with skinny brown pens.
I told the children to hide their names
(and their family/friend's names) in their designs like a traditional wedding pattern.

Then we cut them out and used glue stick to attach them to eggplant paper.

For our second project,
I found some old embossing foil (two sided - gold and silver)

The kids used an old magazine underneath, to serve as a cushion.
Then, they traced their hands and embossed designs with a pencil.

We mounted those on the eggplant paper as well.
The resulting hallway display
made me feel like I was at an Indian Wedding.

The projects were BEAUTIFUL!!!

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