Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fishy Cupcakes

Yesterday I brought these cupcakes to share
with the Frog Princess' Kindergarten class
to celebrate her 6th birthday.
I used fruit roll-ups as the seaweed
and gummy Nemo fish snacks
as the ocean critters.
They were a big hit with her class.

We had a small family celebration with
both sets of grandparents (so lucky!)
Sushi and Chinese food (the birthday girl's menu of choice)
and a small butterfly "funfetti" cake that I hand cut from a 9" circle.
The Frog Princess helped me decorate it.
Such a tasty work of art!

Now we're busy getting ready for Sunday's
"Fairytale Hospital" party with her friends.
I'll post photos when the big bash is over.
Happy Birthday my sweet 6 year old girl!!

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