Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kid's Craft: Decorative Tissue Boxes

On a recent rainy afternoon
(we've been having a lot of them this spring!)
The girls and I decided to decorate tissue boxes
for their rooms.
This simple project takes less than an hour and was
successful for both of my girls (ages 6 and 2)

The Frog Princess' masterpiece.

Mini-Saurus' creation.

It's nice to come up with
art projects that
both girls
can participate in.

First, we wrapped the box in some
left-over (re-cycled) wrapping paper
to block the designs on the box.
We used glue stick and a bit of double-sided
CM tape-runner tape.

Next, we added a strip of
cut paper green grass.
Again, green paper from the recycling in the art studio.

Yes we craft in PJs and Sundresses!

The girls raided the crafty foam sticker stash
in our art room and had fun telling me stories
about their critters on their boxes.
(Note: These would be cute with regular stickers
or cut paper pictures as well!)

Mini-Saurus REALLY liked using the stickers
and was so proud of her project that she's shown
it to everyone who has been to our house since she made it!

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