Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool At Home: Listening Center

The Frog Princess recently
mentioned that one of her favorite
centers at school is the listening center.
Mama had another brainstorm!

I set up one in our family room
for the girls and it has been a hit!

I put a boom box with a CDplayer and tape deck in the block corner.
Three years ago, my mom bought a set of read-aloud books
for the Frog Princess as a Christmas gift.
This assortment of books and tapes/CDs were
sitting un-touched on a shelf upstairs.
The Frog Princess used to listen to these at bedtime
but then moved on (as kids will do)
and lost interest in them for a while.

Now, with them in a new place and after a brief respite,
they are new and exciting again.

Both girls like to snuggle in my big chair
and "read" together. It's funny how moving things around
(or rotating them in and out of the house for a while)
can make toys and activities so much more inviting.

Do you have a listening center or reading corner in your family room?
Do you rotate toys/games throughout your house?

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