Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recycled Garden Trellis

I recently removed the
grills from our sliding glass doors
to open up the view
stashed them in the garage...

I didn't have plans for them at the time,
but kept them because I usually come up with
ways to recycle or re-purpose my stuff!!

Sure enough...the brainstorming kicked in
(in the shower as it usually does)
and I had my "aha moment!"

I needed a trellis for my beans
and flowers in the garden.

I used the purple paint I had leftover in the
garage from the Frog Princess' dumpster diving
desk rescue project from earlier this year...
and now I have two purple trellis' in my garden!!

Now I'm thinking they may need some
beads or crystals to hang
in the little frames.

Why can't I leave anything alone?!

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